Friday, March 23, 2012

Iphone Pics

I've been a very quiet blogger lately. I just can never find the time to sit down and write a post. I had my 20 week appointment and ultrasound yesterday so I have a sweet ultrasound pic and some belly pics to post soon! My evenings have been spent weeding through the thousands of snapshots that we took through Adalyn's first year of life. Overwhelmed is an understatement. I started with delivery day (November) and so far I've sorted through pictures through February. I'm attempting to make a "First Year" Mixbook of Adalyn before baby brother comes around (and preferably before my groupon expires June 30th) so I've got a serious deadline. All of the Mixbooks I have made in the past have been of Adalyn's photoshoots with Jes, which means I don't have to choose the pictures. I just upload the entire CD of pictures and use them all. So this step of finding pictures is a huge extra step in creating a Mixbook. I know afterwards I will be thrilled to have it so I'm pushing through, but right now it seems to be taking over my free time!

Because I've been bad at posting regularly I thought I'd drop in and post a few iphone pics. Well, that and my dad was giving me a hard time for no new blogs since his misses his baby (i'm sure he's talking about me and not Adalyn) HA!

Adalyn likes to check out the magazines in the basket in the bathroom. It's cute. She acts like she's really reading them. She was reading Kelly's Kids and I guess Dakota missed her that day because he just kept giving her kisses.
 Please don't mind our 90's laminate flooring. It's on our "one day" list of upgrades...

 We drove up to two outlet malls last weekend. Adalyn was decked out in her UK outfit (but she did have a green bow on for St. Patty's day) and was such a good little shopper. So content hanging out in the stroller.
We also went to Ikea. (We had a very long day!) I grabbed a stuffed animal for $1.99 out of a bin before we started through Ikea and it seriously kept her company the entire time through the store. Of course "Mousey" had to come home with us and Adalyn's still quite attached to her. I love eating at Ikea. I wish we had one closer because that would totally be our Friday night "date night". Adalyn loved the food! She inhaled 2 chicken strips and a huge amount of steamed veggies. (And can we talk about how clean they keep the tables, chairs and food area? Ah-mazing!)
Because she was such a good eater, mommy gave her a bite of the chocolate cake Daddy and I were sharing and she was in love and wanted more. Oops. Mommy ate it all:) She likes to shove as much food as will fit into those chipmunk cheeks. So funny!
It's been so hot here this week that we had to break out Adalyn's summer clothes (that are a size too big). She looked so cute before daycare the other morning.
Grandma came for a last minute little stay this week and she thoroughly enjoyed her Gram time. I'm pretty sure she'll be expecting multiple wagon rides a day now.
 Loving Gram before she had to leave.

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