Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I haven't had much to blog about lately. Life is just moving fast and I'm trying to keep up! The past few days we've had beautiful mid-70 degree days and it's been wonderful! Adalyn turned 16 months this week and I'm now 19 weeks (I actually typed 18 weeks and then realized my ultrasound is next week so I had to look up on my phone to see that I was indeed 19 weeks along...see? Life is moving too fast!)

I haven't done an Adalyn update in a while. (I totally forgot to blog about her 15 month check up and shots.) She is talking up a storm. At home. In public she refuses to speak to or smile at people she's not comfortable with. But if she has time to warm up she'll be running in circles in no time. We went and visited Jes, Justin and baby Caleb earlier this week and Adalyn was a bit interested in the baby mommy was holding and wanted to touch him and then was immediately distracted by their sweet lab-mix of a dog. She squealed and would run around trying to get Jada to play with her. It was fun to watch.

Adalyn loves music. She loves singing night night songs and never wants me to stop. She just keeps signing "please" when I finish singing. She loves watching the wiggles because it's all singing and dancing. She puts her little fingers together for Itsy Bitsy Spider and tries to sing along (in a very quiet voice). And lately she tries to repeat everything we say.  A lot of times we can tell just by the number of syllables that she is using that she's trying to repeat us (because she sounds nothing like what we just said) but then sometimes we look at each other shocked because she just said something plain as day!  She can pick specific things out on the pages of her books when asked where the bunny is or where the red balloon is. It is just so fun because she's so interactive and she communicates so well.

She loves to "help". "Help" means emptying out the laundry basket and handing me the items to fold or taking the lowest row of salad dressing bottles out of the fridge when the door is open and then putting them back again. Or throwing her diaper away (or anything else we ask her to throw away).  Sometimes I'll ask her to carry something for me (my keys walking in from the car or for her to get my clementines out of the fridge and put them in my lunch box). It's so cute to see the pride in her eyes when I tell her what a good helper she is. I know once we get past the jealousy when baby brother comes, she's going to be a wonderful big sister!

Here are some iphone pics from the past few days. She's such a moving target that I can barely catch a clear picture of her!

Our little UK Cheerleader! Daddy's teaching her to say "GO CATS!!" (It is so cute!)
Yes, this is a 6 month onesie. Poor thing needs a new UK shirt!
 After church on Sunday

 Wound up!

 Ready for nap time!
 Her first ever painted toe nails! This beautiful weather called for pink toes! She was so good while I was doing it. She just watched me and sat so still and never tried to touch them. (I did feed her while they were drying so she'd stay away from the wet paint!)
 After work yesterday it was 75* so we went outside with some bubbles. She was more interested in watching the boys play basketball at the end of our driveway than watching the bubbles. There are two young girls next door that just love her so once they saw we were out she was surrounded by girls oohing and aahing over her. She didn't quite know what to do with all the attention. It was funny. She just kind of clammed up.  I think we have some built in playmates/babysitters on the street!
This outfit makes me laugh. We need more "play shoes" because it looks like she's got these big chunky high tops on with tights. Ha! I think these shoes are funny because they make her little size 3 feet look even smaller than other shoes do. One of these days her feet will grow:) (Can you tell she was figuring out how to walk on the incline of our driveway?)

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