Monday, March 25, 2013

Easter Egg Hunt

Saturday was the Easter egg hunt at our church. I really like that they split up all of the ages onto different ball fields so Adalyn wasn't trampled by big kids. The eggs are empty so that makes mama happy and Adalyn doesn't know any better. Who needs more sugar, right? Each of the kids got a little goodie bag after they were finished.

The weather was thankfully not raining, but it was dark and cold which didn't really feel like Easter. It felt crazy to put a corduroy coat on Adalyn for an EASTER egg hunt!!  She was so excited for the egg hunt and kept telling us to "hurry" while we were driving there, but of course once we got there and there were lots of kids around, she got super shy and quiet. That little stinker wouldn't smile for a picture once we got to the ball fields! Don't let these pictures fool you, she thoroughly enjoyed herself!

Ready to go!
Meeting the Bunny. She kept her distance, but finally gave a high five.
 She was pretty fixated on the different bunnies. She had to go say hi to this one but again kept her distance.
 Jonathan keeping Cayden warm. Cayden was a good boy and enjoyed watching all the big kids.
 Eli was giving Adalyn some love and although she was so excited to see Eli before we got there, she ended up giving him a bit of a cold shoulder. Maybe she's just playing hard to get? :)
Checking out her basket. Ready to fill it up!
 It's nice that Adalyn is still young enough than when they yelled "GO" there was no stampede to get to the eggs. Just nice and calm egg collecting going on.
 Slow and steady wins the race fills the basket.

 Her basket is overflowing! We actually stopped before all the eggs were picked up because her basket was so full! You give this child a mission and she will complete it and she will complete it well!

 A picture with the bunny.
 Eli gave the bunny a hug so Adalyn actually got the nerve to walk over and give it a hug too. I couldn't believe it! I was so proud of her.

 Family picture. It looks like a winter picture instead of an Easter picture. I just hope we have better weather next weekend for Easter.
 Leaving with all of her eggs and a bit of a smirk. That little stinker. She gets so excited for things like this but then it's like she's overwhelmed during the event. 
Funny story about those shoes she's wearing. I put her in a pair of pink polka dot shoes that matched her outfit. She walked downstairs in them and the next thing I knew she was sitting in the recliner taking them off and putting these polka dot shoes on. (And she got them on the correct feet without any help.) She was adamant that she wanted these shoes on and they are neutral enough that I didn't fight it. While we were at the egg thing two different people commented on her cute shoes. Maybe my child has a better sense of style than her mama?? Am I already out of touch??

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Lindsy said...

So fun! I always loved that easter egg hunt too - more than enough eggs always! The family pictures are cute - our boys are getting so big. Where is C's hat from? Did Jes make it? It's adorbs. Girl - just wait, I went through a whole phase with K where she refused all pants and would only wear dresses - these girls know what they want and how they want it. I'm not sure where she gets it :o!