Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Chrysalis House 5K

The weather forecast Saturday morning was rain. I was not thrilled about it, but powered through to get ready to leave the house. I was pretty excited about this 5K. My parents were in town and able to watch the kids while Jonathan and I both ran so he was able to work on his pace instead of pushing the jogging stroller.   The rain held off and people showed up to run. The course that we ran is a private course of a local business owner and this course is absolutely gorgeous. Seriously. Beautiful. Streams, rolling hills, trees. So pretty. But so so hilly. So So Hilly. When you're running down a hill you know you're going to eventually have to run back up it. Add to that the humidity and wow I was thankful that I was carrying my own water instead of waiting for water stations.

The good news is that I finished! I ran the entire way! I wasn't sore afterwards (like the last 5k I ran in the fall) And I finished in 35 minutes. (Not the best but not the worst.)  As I ran across the finish line I thought I was going to hurl because RJ (the property owner) always puts on a full lunch for races on his property and the smoke/smell from the grills was wafting across the finish line. Not exactly what you want to smell as you're gasping for air:( The good news is that the food was catered and was delicious (or so I hear...I didn't partake in the yummy burgers or home-churned ice cream. I did have a turkey wrap tho and it was good!)  They gave some great cash prizes out but the Burns house didn't win any. Jonathan came in 4th in his age group so he was close to winning a plaque! So proud of his 20 minute race!

After food and prizes we grabbed a couple pictures. The rain ended up holding off while we were there but you can tell that the sky wasn't very pretty. Oh and neither were we. I have to post our "after" pictures because it's tradition. No pride:)

I was thrilled to finish this race feeling good! Now we're looking to see what race we can sign up for next! The running bug has officially gotten me:)

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