Thursday, May 2, 2013

9 Months

Cayden turned 9 months old last Friday. In my mind he is still my little tiny newborn. I just can't believe he's only 3 months away from his birthday! That is just crazy!  Cayden is such a joy. He's so smiley and is just content to watch his sister (and sometimes try to steal her snacks).  He's smiles all the time and will give big grins and giggles to anyone! (Something that Adalyn still won't do!)

Cayden has two teeth and is always hungry. He eats a TON and always fusses for more food as soon as his bowl is empty. He eats a banana and yogurt for breakfast, a veggie and fruit at lunch and two veggies and a fruit at dinner. Plus he has bottles and puffs in between those. He goes crazy when he sees his bottle. He flaps his little arms like he's going to fly away when he gets super excited. Honestly I think if I didn't cut him off, he would eat from morning until night. He loves puffs and yogurt melts and shovels them into his mouth by the handful but he's not really into other bite sized table foods.

Cayden is wearing some size 9mo clothes but mostly size 12mo clothes. He's such a chunker that most of his little pants were getting too tight around his middle. He's wearing size 3 diapers but I'm pretty sure he could move up to 4's anytime.  His feet are tiny and he is still in size 1 shoes.

He is not mobile yet, nor does he seem interested in being mobile. I know this is good for me because I'm sure once he is mobile my life will get so much crazier! He rolls over on the floor but not really for a purpose to get anywhere. He's also not interested in standing or pulling up. He won't even stand up if we hold his little torso. The doctor checked out his legs and she thinks they are perfectly fine and that he may just be lazy. Ha! He doesn't need to stand or crawl. He's got enough entertainment from his sister to keep him occupied! Because of this, we haven't yet dropped his crib down (Adalyn's crib was already moved down by now) so when I go to get him in the morning and he's on his belly I see his little head pop up over the top rail of his crib. It's so cute.

He didn't have to get shots at this appointment! Yay!! Here are his stats:
Height: 28 3/4"  50-75%
Weight: 19lbs 15.5oz  50%
Head: 16 7/8  5-20%

Here's Adalyn's 9 month post. I love comparing the pictures and stats:)

I was honestly shocked that he is only in the 50% for weight. He just seems so heavy and filled out that I was convinced that he was way higher than that. He is bigger than Adalyn was at this age so I guess that's why I feel like he's so heavy. I'm sure once he starts crawling he'll shed some of that baby chub:)

Here are some pictures from this month.

 Of course sister had to get in on the picture action:)


Janine said...

Happy 9 months big boy! Oh and Finn flaps his arms when he's excited too... and he points and flexes his feet at the same time and I really think he might take off at any point!

Lindsy said...

Presh! I mean, is it me or are his little leg rolls JUST LIKE Adalyn's were? Love that little peanut!