Sunday, October 6, 2013

Big Girl Bed

Adalyn has always been a good sleeper and has slept in her crib since night one when we brought her home from the hospital. Sometimes she puts up a fight to take a nap but honestly she always goes to bed at night so easily. When Cayden was born we didn't want to upset Adalyn's awesome sleeping so we kept her in her crib and got Cayden a new crib. She has never crawled out of her crib so we've just left things as they were.

Next month Adalyn will be 3 and I really felt like she was ready for her room to become a big girl room. Yesterday we made a big deal about it and Jonathan turned her crib into a toddler bed and her changing table into a dresser. I'm so glad we bought convertible furniture back before Adalyn was born. It was such an easy switch!
Adalyn's last nap in her crib!

Helping daddy build her new bed rail. I can't believe how old she looks here.
 Trying her bed out for the first time.

 She was pretty excited.
Next up - the changing table.

 I love the mirror on this dresser! I still need to get a couple items to decorate it.  Adalyn loves it too. It's so cute that her stool is in front of her dresser so she could see into the mirror.

Adalyn did so well for her first night and nap in her big girl bed. She stayed in her bed and called us when she was ready to wake up. I'm so proud of her. She has gone right to sleep the last two nights and this afternoon she didn't want to nap but she stayed in her bed singing and reading and eventually fell asleep. She's such a good girl. My little rule follower.

A picture before her first night in her new bed. She was so excited. (Notice all her stuffed animals piled high. We tried to thin them out but she would have nothing to do with that!)
I'm so proud of how well she has transitioned. I guess she was more than ready for it. It's hard for me to see her growing up. 


Lindsy said...

I audibly gasped when I read that she will be three next month - how can that be? Our babies are seriously growing up Abby! Oh my word. The before and after pictures are precious. Exciting times! Glad she transitioned so well - my girls did too. Now our boys, guess we'll see ;)

Janine said...

I think the transition was harder on me than it was on Keagan!! She looks like she enjoys every second of being a big girl :) Hard to believe, isn't it?!