Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday Weigh In

It's been a month since I met my first goal. I figured I should give a little update! As of last post I had lost my goal of 36.6 lbs (weird amount I know...but it was to get me to an even number on the scale). I then gave myself the goal of an extra 5 lb loss in order to be to my comfortable before-Adalyn weight that I maintained for years. I have not yet hit that extra 5 lb goal yet, but I'm ok that. I haven't been quite as strict with my diet and exercise.

When we were in Toledo last week I took all my running gear and was excited to get some runs in through my parents so very flat neighborhood (love!!) but I ended up not running even once!! On top of that, we had fast food on the drive, s'mores, pizza and my mom even fixed an entire Thanksgiving dinner since we won't be with them for turkey day. And let's just say that after the Thanksgiving dinner I was so very stuffed that I had to go lay down. My tummy is not used to rich buttery yummy food! When we got back to town I thought I'd hit the ground and run off some of that yummy food but our week has been so crazy busy that there hasn't been a night after work that I could get a run in. It's been a week and a half since I ran! So on top of all of those circumstances I was thrilled when I got on the scale and saw a .5 lb loss this week! These last 5 lbs seem to be coming off slowly but each week we're moving in the right direction!

Overall, since May 1st (6 months) I have lost 40 lbs! It's kind of hard to believe. I feel like a whole new person! As for my extra 5 lb goal, I am 1.6 lbs away from reaching it!

Sidenote: This week we had to fill out a form for our benefits at work. It's all online so it remembers all of your information that you entered the previous year. That way you can easily just update pertinent information. First I noticed that Cayden was listed as 10 lbs. **tear** Where has my baby gone and how did this year go so fast?? So I changed that amount to more than double! Then I saw where my weight was listed as of last fall. You all. I had a moment. It was a bit surreal looking at that number. It was so HIGH. (I'm used to thinking of the number I started my healthy lifestyle in May. I forgot that I actually started much heaver that that!) So when I listed my current weigh I had to do a double take. I have lost 48.4 lbs since last fall! (And I would assume that when I filled that number in I was probably being quite generous since I wasn't weighing myself often at that point.) So when I lose this extra 1.5 lbs, I will have really lost 50 since last fall! Crazy!

One more fun thing! I am able to wear almost all of my old clothes. Finding my old shirts and jackets and coats has been so much fun!! After 3 years I forgot a lot of stuff I had (like the shirt I'm wearing today!) and it's been fun to discover new old items. Good thing most of the stuff is still in style or classic. I did go shopping with my mom this weekend at Loft! They were having a sale on their Jeans and Cords for $35 plus I had a 20% off coupon so $28 is excellent for Loft jeans/cords. I knew my size 8 skinny jeans from Old Navy I bought last month were getting baggy. I was sick of yanking them up every time I turned around. And I had a giftcard from my mother-in-law I had held on to from my birthday hoping that I would need new clothes by fall! You all. I got 3 tops, a sweater, jeans, colored jeans and cords. Yep. I had FUN. I love me a good sale! I know that a number is just a number. But this number meant more to me than just a number. It felt like it said that I completed this weight loss journey I've been on. I felt like I was finally back to being me!
(Sorry it's sideways. I can't turn it.) I know lots of girls slide back into their pre-baby size pants easily after having a baby, but obviously that was not that case for me. I haven't seen this size since February 2010 and it feels amazing to see it again! And even more amazing to feel how great I feel from being healthy and in shape! Now, let's hope that the next time I get pregnant I don't throw on weight like I did in the past! :)


Aishlea said...

SO awesome!!!!

Sue said...

SO proud of you Abby!! Way to go ;-)

I wish we lived closer because I would get you to kick my butt in gear so I could get back to a size 6 again. I was looking at a wedding picture today when I was making the collage remembering my Mom and I was so tiny back then… what happened??? Oh ya… midlife… menopause… and laziness!

I'm SO happy for you Sweetie!! Keep up the good work ;-) xo

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Congratulations on a wonderful accomplishment :)