Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Little Boo at the Zoo - Year 2

This past weekend we traveled to my parents' house for a nice long weekend away from home. The main reason (other than to see Papa and Nana) that we chose this weekend for a visit was to attend Little Boo at the Zoo at the Toledo Zoo. Last year we took the kids and we had such a fun time that we decided we had to go again this year! We had an absolutely beautiful perfect fall day to visit the zoo. It's a day completely geared toward pre-schoolers and it's an awesome family day!

Can we pause a minute to look at last year's family picture? Yes, Adalyn insisted on being the same owl as last year and I happily obliged. She was swimming in her costume last year and this year it fits just right! Can we take a moment to see how big my boy has gotten in the last year? Can we also take a moment to see how much bigger I was last year? :) Of course my hubby is just as cute as ever!
 Cayden got a picture on the elephant that we always take pictures on (even back to my childhood!) It's a good thing that he got a picture on it early in the day since he was sound asleep when we took a family picture on it on our way leaving the zoo.
 Waiting in line for the first trick-or-treat station checking out his treat basket.
There's a path through the zoo that has different trick-or-treat stations. Each station is sponsored by a different organization and are decorated and the people are dressed up. The kids love it!

 Cayden pointing. Typical.
They had some fun little tossing games and bowling games for the kids to win prizes. Adalyn did such a good job with the bean bag tossing game. The candy corn bowling game was hilarious because she put the ball on the ground and kicked it like a soccer ball and knocked down all the pins. Ha! They also had little craft stations that Adalyn thoroughly enjoyed!

One of the booths was decorated as Monsters Inc which is one of Adalyn's most favorite movies. She was super excited to walk through the door and get her picture with Mike and Sully!

 We came across the University of Toledo Rocket and it was a bit weird  looking but Adalyn loved her and gave her hugs and kept blowing her kisses. It was pretty sweet.
 And yes, we did actually look at some animals after we had lunch. We had to go see the 18 foot crocodile (which is the largest reptile in captivity in North America) but Adalyn decided it looked like a dinosaur and she was ready to see some other animals. We went to see the elephants. The baby was out playing (not pictured) which is always fun to watch and this guy was rolling this tree stump and we couldn't believe when he rolled it over to his food tree and then stood on top of it to get to the food better. Crazy smart!

 The girls!
 After lunch Cayden fell fast asleep which allowed us to look at even more animals since he wasn't melting down. We had some awesome views of the lions and tigers and penguins.
 Family picture minus a sleeping Cayden. I wasn't about to wake him up!
Let's look at this same picture from last year.
 And a picture with the polar bear. Pretty sure I have this same picture from when A was a baby!
 Yep. I found it. Where has my baby gone??
 My parents are pretty cute!
We had such a fun day! So many memories made!


Lindsy said...

Looks like so much fun. I love the look back pics - time does's just crazy. all the years I've known you - not once have I seen your hair curled except maybe at your wedding!! I like it - is this a new you, new hair thing? Looks good!

Aishlea said...

How fun!!! Love all the pics. You look fantastic!!

Sue said...

What a fun day!! And look at you… the incredible shrinking woman!! You are looking as gorgeous as ever! (i've been gone for awhile and have been missing out on your amazing progress. I need you to come motivate me!!)

Crystal said...

Looks like a fun day! You look great and I love your hair in these pics!

Janine said...

Looks like so much fun! Wish we had something like this nearby. And I agree with Linds! Love the curled hair!