Tuesday, October 1, 2013

First Horsey Ride!

Saturday was supposed to be a beautiful day so we decided to forgo weekend errands and chores and head to Evans' Orchard (again!). Of course it ended up being stinkin hot and we were all sweating in our jeans. It felt like the middle of summer! But Adalyn had a blast!  We invited Caleb (and his parents) to join us at the orchard for some play time and the kids had so much fun.

When we first got there we asked Adalyn if she wanted to ride the horse and she said yes so we bought her a ticket to ride. I was so proud of her! At first I could tell she was a bit apprehensive but she ended up doing so well and had a great time!

I didn't take a ton of pictures of the play area this time but I did get a couple. The kids enjoyed the swings and the fun hay bale tractors.

 Cayden watched all the kids from his spot on the grass.
 Here he is waiving to his sister. Precious.

Adalyn rode the horse again and this time she rode when Caleb was riding. I think she's a big fan of the horses! Since there wasn't a line up of kids she was able to talk to the horses and pet them and rub their noses. Yep. She's a fan.

We had another fun day at the orchard. We have now been there twice this season and have yet to buy any apples or pumpkins. Ha! We'll wait for the cooler weather to do the orchard type of activities:)


Lindsy said...

Soooo cute. Where did you get her sweet little bow? I'm in desperate need of new bows: all my old MUMS bows I ordered last year are breaking: ugh! Fun times - y'all are gonna be orchard regulars. =)

Janine said...

I am impressed with how well Adalyn did on the horse! Some friends of ours have a farm and they let Keagan try to ride a pony (a PONY!!!)....he screamed and hollered. A bit dramatic!