Friday, August 22, 2014

Cayden's 2 Year Pictures

The week before Cayden turned 2, he had a photo shoot with Meghan. I decided to combine a family session with his 2 year session so we could get some sibling and family pictures on the same day. (Post to come...) We decided to do the family pictures first and he was so cooperative and smiley for the family pictures. After the first two pictures of his 2 year session, he just decided that he was over the whole picture thing. Oh, the best laid plans... Anyway, we finally were able to bribe him with cookies and got some super sweet pictures!

I think Meghan did a great job capturing his personality, but I'm having a hard time accepting how old he looks in these pictures!

 Cayden loves "jumping". He jumps with all his might but he never actually leaves the ground. I love that Meghan caught his joy of jumping and it even looks like he caught some air!
 See? A foot is always on the ground. So cute!
And just because I am sappy and because I can't believe how much he has grown in two years, here are his pics from his 1 year and newborn sessions. 

Where did my bitty baby go?? I can't believe how fast he has grown!

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