Friday, August 29, 2014

Vacation Part 2 - St. Augustine Daytime

On Sunday we said goodbye to Team Taylor and hopped back on the road to Florida. It was really nice to break up our 11+ hour trip into two 6ish hour trips. We went to St. Augustine to spend the week at my brother's house. He's always gracious to open his house to us so we can do a budget friendly vacation to Florida:) I always love the time spent with him and his kids too! We had zero plans for the week other than to go to the pool. We had nowhere to be and no worries! Jonathan and I were even able to run in my brother's neighborhood almost every morning we were there! The flat roads were awesome, but the humidity was insane!
Yes, this is my brother's back yard. He has an amazing view. It's like being at a resort.
Both of my kids love water, but Cayden was cracking us up because anytime he spotted water he would shout "WADDER!!!" So pretty much anytime he would look out the back windows of my brother's house he would get excited. I took him out on the lanai our first morning and he loved it and then decided he needed to go out closer to see the water better.

On Mondays their pool is closed for maintenance so we headed to the beach and like a bad mom I totally forgot my camera!! Thankfully I remembered the kids, sunscreen, food, towels and my phone:) So, here are some phone pics from the beach.

Cousins! They love each other so much!
 Neither of my kids are big fans of the ocean. But Adalyn did so much better this year than last year. She actually walked into the water this year!

 Both kids love sandboxes so the sand (and their big cousin) entertained them for a while.

 Cayden preferred sitting in the sand looking at the water and yelling "WADDER!!" over actually being in the ocean. He was NOT a fan of being in the ocean at all.

After our day (and I'm using the term "day" lightly since it was closer to 2 hours...) at the beach, we spent all of the rest of our vacation at the pool. Well, except for the day that I got both kids lotioned up, lunch made and in the cooler and got to the pool gate and the moment after Cayden yelled "WADDER!!" the lifeguard told us that the pool was closed for the day due to "contamination." So glad it wasn't my kid that pooped in the pool! But then our big plans of a day at the pool were shattered. Thankfully the kids took it ok and we went back to the house and just hung out.

The neighborhood pool is awesome. Seriously. My kids' favorite part is the big water slide, which they are too short to ride without an adult. So Jonathan and I walked up those stairs more times than I can count during the week. Cayden would start asking for the slide before we were even at the bottom of the slide going down it. 

Cayden saw me upload this picture and said "I fim". This boy loves being in the water. He was so excited to see pictures of himself swimming.
I love the Puddle Jumpers. And the kids love them too. It gives them such freedom to move around in the water.

Adalyn loved jumping off the side of the pool. She was good at jumping far. And she didn't like us to catch her. She wanted us to stand far enough away that she could swim to us after jumping in.
Getting air!
Cayden commentary of this picture: "Dup." (jump) "Wadder."

My boys. Love how both of their eyes are squinting.

Adalyn loved floating on her back and told me that I needed to take her picture while she was floating. :)

Our last day at the pool I was trying to push their naptime back so they could have extra time in the water. Cayden started asking for his paci so we tried to distract him by asking if he wanted another turn down the slide. He refused the slide which surprised us all. Jonathan took him over to a table and within moments this is what he looked like. Since he zonked out, Adalyn was able to spend a little extra time enjoying her last pool day.
Sweet boy.
And I had to add these two sweet moments that Jonathan captured without them realizing it. They are so sweet together.

I've added so many pictures to this post that I will have to write another post to include all of our family pictures and dinners. We had such a wonderful vacation that it deserves three posts:)


Lindsy said...

OK...A)my kids are so obsessed with the ocean I can't really even imagine what it would be like if they weren't. However, J doesn't particularly care for the ocean, right? The apple doesn't fall far, huh? B)dying...I mean DYING that of all the options in LE swimwear, you and I have the same exact suit. Hilarious! I mean, great minds...right? C)The pool pictures and C's commentary of them are all precious. Great pics! Kennedy is ABOUT a waterslide as well. D)Love the sweet sibling pics - they'll be the best of friends forever!

Janine said...

Hahaha! Cayden's sweet face when he zonked out. Gotta love what the sun and water do to babies. Mine crash quickly, too. I am with Lindsy: I cannot imagine my kids not liking the ocean. Keagan was hard to keep out of it last year and when we are at the lake we have to watch both boys because they get out deeper than they realize! But I do recall a time when we took Keagan to destin, before Finn came along, that he was not about it, and was content to sit and play for hours on a beach blanket. Glad y'all had an awesome vacation!