Saturday, August 16, 2014

Cayden's Cookie Party

We celebrated Cayden's 2nd birthday with a cookies and milk theme. We always call Cayden our Cookie Monster because he can sniff out a cookie from a mile away. But I didn't want to do a Sesame Street theme so I found the cutest party pack on Etsy. The party pack had so much stuff in it and the seller was awesome. I will definitely use her again! I love how it all came together! Be prepared for picture overload:)


 His 1 year picture was in the frame on the left and his 2 year picture was in the frame on the right. I couldn't believe the difference in the two pictures. It reminded me that he's not a baby anymore.

 I went outside of my comfort zone and had a messy activity for the kids. It actually turned out well and the kids seemed to like it. And it turned out to not be all that messy. I rolled out fun wrapping paper on the table so after everyone was finished with their cookies, we were able to just roll up the mess and throw it away. Perfect!
We served Cayden's favorite foods: pizza, fruit, cookies, cake and milk. I decided to do a little cookie bar where people could eat them at the party and also make up a bag to take some cookies with them. It was fun!

 Aren't these cookies amazing? I saw my cousin share a facebook page of a friend of hers who makes cookies. I checked it out and absolutely loved the cookies that Ashley makes. I'm pretty excited that my cookies are her business profile pic right now:)  She was just starting her business and I saw on facebook last week that she's already booked through November! (Good thing I reserved her already for Adalyn's party!) Aren't these amazing? I gave her the party theme and she sent me a pic of what she could do and she didn't disappoint!
 My parents brought the cake from the bakery they use back home. It was delicious as usual. This time I asked them to leave the center of the cake blank and I added a few Trader Joe cookies (since they are mini) and a cookie monster figure. I think it turned out cute.

 Ashley bagged up cookies to be treat bags for the kids. 
I bought a case of Starbucks Frappuccino's from Sams and emptied them into a pitcher and washed the little bottles so that the kids could use them for their milk. They were super cute! After taking the stickers off, I was going to use Goo Gone to take the adhesive off before I put my little paper wrappers on, but then I decided to use the adhesive left on the bottles to stick my wrappers to. It worked!
 I found these cute glass jugs at Hobby Lobby for $2! I thought they were super cute and went right with our theme!
 Yes, my party package even came with napkin rings, so I thought why not and I used them:)
 I just love how it all came together with the table coverings, lanterns and ribbons. It looked so cute!
I found some cute fabric at Hobby Lobby for the dining room table. As I was ironing it I realized that it exactly matched the plates! Happy coincidence!
 I used some generic Cookie Crisp to decorate with in vases and mason jars. It doesn't photograph well, but it was pretty cute in person.
Ready to party! I got Cayden's shirt from the same girl who made his shirt last year. She does an amazing job. I sent her a pdf of the invitation and told her to do whatever she wanted. I love it!

I love this family pic!

 Cayden and Adalyn both enjoyed decorating and eating their cookies. I think my two children were the last two kids sitting at the table eating the last crumbs of their cookies while the other kids went back to playing.

 Nothing like starting a party by stuffing kids with sugar:)
 This party I finally remembered to get a picture of the birthday boy with all of his guests! He is so loved by family and friends!

 Grammy with all of her babies.
 Cake time!!
 He looked confused about blowing out the candles. Of course when he got his cupcake he kept trying to "blow out" the cupcake topper. So funny.
 The kids all played so nicely together. 
 Somebody loved his cake! So to wrap it up, he had a decorated cookie, a cupcake, a piece of pizza, and many cookies from the cookie bar. He was in heaven!
 Of course Cayden was spoiled with his gifts! This made us laugh. He was crawling in after some hotwheels and almost his entire body fit in the bag. The bag itself was a huge hit since he can't get enough of "Rawr" aka Sully.
 My birthday boy. I can't believe he's 2! (Can you tell he was ready for his nap? He was partied out!)
 We are blessed! I couldn't ask for a sweeter little guy! Each day his personality shines brighter and it's so much fun to see! Every age he hits I want him to stay that age forever. But then the next stage turns into my favorite age! I just love him so so much!


Lindsy said...

Such a cute theme and such cute decorations. Love all the special little touches - it really looked incredible and you can tell he had so much fun. Can't believe our babes are 2...where is the time going? PS; I'm thinking Adalyn and Jonathan have the same smiles in pictures...just noticed that.

Janine said...

Absolutely adorable!! I LOVE the theme! And such yummy goodies, too! You are so good with all of your special touches, and how everything comes together so well! I am a hot mess with all my kids parties and they still don't come together that well!!! Hard to believe the triplets are TWO!!