Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Evans Orchard 2014

Two weekends ago we met up with a few other families at Evans Orchard. It was the Apple Festival weekend which is always a good time. It was a chilly, overcast day so the crowds were low at least for the first hour. By lunchtime the place was packed! The parents didn't get much socializing time since the play area is so huge and the kids kept running from one thing to another. But the kids seemed to have a fun time. I tried to get some pictures when the kids slowed down enough that they weren't a blur:)

Cayden was not a fan of the slide and after his one trip down he refused to play on any of the playground. Stinker.
 This was a huge hay castle/fort. The kids loved it but Jonathan got tired of chasing them through the maze and lifting them up onto all of the hay bales. 

 Adalyn with two of her sweet friends. Three bow-wearing peas in a pod. 

 Trying to not enjoy himself. Emalyn was trying to include him on the fun!

 Adalyn likes to watch American Ninja Warrior with her daddy. She thought she was on ANW doing this rope hill.
 So proud of herself.
We had to take a break from the play area for Adalyn to take a pony ride. (Cayden was all about looking at the horses up close but didn't want to ride one.)

Cayden wanted to see the animals in the barn. Adalyn was begging the entire time to go back to play in the playground with her friends. But they did have a fun assortment of animals to pet. Please notice Cayden's double cowlick. And now you can feel sorry for me.

 After a little lunch, we headed out to the orchard with the Motsch family to let the kids pick some apples. So fun that we do this each year together. Crazy to think that we used to do this even before kids! My how times have changed!
 Eli stretching for an apple.
 Cayden enjoyed carrying around his apple sipper from lunch.

 Emalyn trying out an apple to make sure it was good.
 Love these two!
 Hold up...gotta take it back a few years... How has this happened so fast?
Cayden wasn't into being in a sibling picture.

 Uncle Derek got just about the only smile out of Cayden all day:) Human jungle-gym!
As we were leaving we had to indulge in an apple dumpling. YUM!
 Adalyn and Cayden enjoyed some apple donuts and apple sippers on the way home. They had a fun-filled day!