Monday, September 15, 2014

Zoo Birthday Party

Our nephews who live in Louisville have the same birthday and a couple weeks ago we went to the Louisville Zoo to celebrate their birthdays with them. Of course I forgot the big camera so we just got a couple pictures on our phones.

It was drizzling all day but that actually helped hold off the crowds at the zoo on a holiday weekend. We were able to get a train ride before they closed it due to rain. Cayden loved the train ride. Or maybe I should call it a "choo choo" ride. He was a fan! (Even if he doesn't look like it in these pictures.)

Then we headed over to the carousel. Adalyn loved it! I even got in on the fun!

 For some reason Cayden didn't want to ride a moving animal. He seemed to like it last time so I'm not sure why he was acting that way, but he enjoyed some time with Aunt Heather and Chaz.

After the zoo we went to Moe's to get some lunch and one last cousin picture before we headed back to Lexington. The kids had a great time spending time with family!


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