Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Dinner and Favorite Things

I went running this evening with Billie and her baby bump. I'm so proud of her for still running at six and a half months! She's so hardcore! It's been a while since we've had time to get together to run and it was great...ahem...other than the fact that it was so humid that we couldn't breathe. Earlier today one of my coworkers and one of my customers both gave me homegrown tomatoes. Yummm! So when we got done running I was thinking about those yummy tomatoes waiting for me at home. Billie and I always meet in the Kroger parking lot to run, so I went on inside (all nasty and sweaty) to buy some bacon...can you guess why?? BLTs!!!!! I haven't had one all summer! I got home and microwaved the bacon (way easier than frying it) and sliced the tomato (which was Amazing and so yummy and ripe). And my dinner was everything I hoped and wished it would be! I just thought you all would love to hear my play by play dinner!

Anyway, if you want to read a really cute post with adorable pictures you have GOT to go read my friend Lindsy's post about her daughter Kennedy's favorite things while living at our house! It is precious! Kennedy and Dakota have become good friends and I can only imagine how depressed Dakota will be when Kennedy moves into her new house!

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Sue said...

What a cutie pie Kennedy is! Lindsy's post reminded me so much of when Little Miss H and Pepper were living with us that week!

Enjoy their stay :-D

Hugs xo