Thursday, August 27, 2009

Who doesn't love a Blizzard??

I have been a horrible blogger lately! I'm sorry! I've had some personal stuff going on and haven't really felt like "talking". Anyway, here is my small attempt to resurrect myself:)

Tonight, Lindsy and I got together to do a little something for Billie's shower coming up in a week. I can't tell you what we had planned to do...sorry Billie:) Anyway, Lindsy and I planned this at least a week ago. I met Lindsy at her house and we went to Jimmy Johns (yumm) to get some dinner. Then we sauntered into the store we had our evening planned around. When we walked in, the girl that worked there said "Can I help you?" We looked around and we were the only people there. She then let us know that they closed in 2 minutes!! I looked at my watch and said, "um...your website said we still have another 2 hours!" Yes, they have SUMMER hours! Wha??? I was sooo bummed! But what can you do?

Well, I'll tell you what we did...We ate away our pain with Tagalong Blizzards from DQ. What could go wrong with Girl Scout Cookies and ice cream??? Nothing I tell ya.

Look at that was overflowing!

I love Lindsy's face in this picture! LOL! She was so excited to try this flavor!

Self-portraits are difficult for me...can you tell? :)

Yes, the car was moving at the time of this picture...ahem...don't worry we were being safe:)

Then we rescheduled our planners...oh wait...that was just Lindsy because I don't have enough stuff on my calendar to need a planner. HA! And decided on tomorrow evening to try again to do this little something:)


Sue said...

YUM!! I love a good Blizzard (the ice cream kind of course... not the snow kind!) Right now my favorite flavor is the Banana Cream Pie. So refreshing for summer :-D

Bummer that the store hadn't updated their website to show their summer hours. I'm glad you & Lindsy were able to make the best of your evening despite the quicky change of plans ;-)

On a different note, Abby... I will be praying for you re: your "personal stuff going on". Sending you a BIG cyber hug! xo

Lindsy said...

Glad we could "eat our pain" together: so worth the calories! Hopefully we are a go for this evening - we will try this again. Take two!