Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Random Thoughts...

You know that old saying, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all"? Yeah, well, that's kind of how I feel. I just don't have anything exciting to write about other than the mundane day in and day out stuff. Work is stressful, we need a vacation, blah, blah, blah. Yes, I'm having a pity party...It's my blog. I'm allowed! I'll be over it now...I guess I just had to get it out of me!

We've had a great time with Tim and Lindsy. They are now working on their new house and we're planning on having a Pizza Painting Party on Friday to help them. Dakota was so cute last night when Kennedy came in! He was so excited to see her. They had spent the night before at their new house and he had missed his little playmate! It's just so cute. (Dakota is a bit agressive and I was worried how he would treat a child, but he has been great with K.)

Lindsy and I had a great time on Saturday picking out a cake at Tinkers (our favorite bakery) for Billie's shower! How exciting! You know I'll be posting about that when it's a little closer... I wish I could post some pics of things L and I have been working on. I can't give away clues tho! Sorry'll just have to wait and see!

L and I also hit up the Annual Barnyard Sale at 2 Chicks and Co.! It was amazing! 2 Chicks is a cute girlie boutique with purses, jewelry, home and baby stuff. Everything outside was 50% off and everything inside was 20% off! I would post pics of my fabulous deals (and when I say fabulous, I mean FABULOUS ::read it in a high pitched voice::), but I feel like I do that too much on here. And really, I do much more than shop...I don't really spend that much money on shopping, but I feel like you all probably think I do since I'm always talking about shopping. But, I guess when you're a bargain shopper, you can shop more often since you spend so little! :) So, you'll just have to trust me that I got amazing deals and had so much fun spending my birthday money.

Has anyone been watching Big Brother? Holy drama!!! What was Chima thinking?? I hope Jordan and Jeff stick in there for a while because they are my favorite!

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Justin and Jessica said...

Big Brother about gave me an anxiety attack last night ... ha! I can't stand Chima (glad she's gone), Natalie, Lydia ... ugh! I'm with you - I like Jeff and Jordan! :)