Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Deals a long time coming...

It's been a long time coming... A while back, I told you that when I went to visit my parents, my mom and I went shopping and I got some great deals! I also promised you all that I would post my deals! I know all of you were holding your breath waiting for me to write this post. HA!! Anyway, on with the fashion show. Unfortunately my photography skills aren't so great, but here you go...

This ring was from For Love 21 and it was $4.80!! Please don't look at the manicure or lack there of!

This ring was from For Love 21 and it was $3.80!! Seriously!! I never wear gold, but this past winter I got a pretty necklace with gold in it and I never have a right hand ring to wear when I wear that of course I needed a gold ring! The sad thing about both of these rings is that I accidentally got a size too big because they had tags on the rings, so they felt like they were the right size until I took the tag off and wore them. They spin around on my hand! Oh well. They are cute anyway.This necklace was from For Love 21 and it was $5.80!!! A necklace...5.80...seriously!! And these things weren't even on sale...that's the regular price! If I had this store in my city, Jonathan would be in trouble! :)

This shirt was from Charlotte Russe for $15.
This shirt was from Charlotte Russe for $15. I have really gotten into the blousy shirts with the band at the bottom. Can you tell?

This shirt was from Charlotte Russe for $10. Again the band...
This shirt was from Charlotte Russe for $20. I just love these blousy shirts...but if they don't have the band, it looks like a maternity shirt and we can't have that. Can we??
These next two shirts I got at The Limited. I have this blue shirt already and absolutely love it! It's one of my favorites! It looks soo pretty on, even though it kinda looks blah on the hanger. Since I work at a bank, my clothes often get ruined from snagging on drawers of money. And I snagged my shirt a couple weeks ago. I was so upset about it that I actually called Jonathan at work. The last time I was in Limited they had their clearance section an additional 40% off so of course I was searching through the racks! I found these shirts originally $39.50 marked down "Final Sale" to $6.99. When they rang up, they actually ran up as $4.00!!! So of course I had to get both colors!

So there you have it! My most recent deals and steals! I am a sucker for a good deal! :) Can you tell? Any my purse is full of store coupon cards again, so I might be heading out again to spend some birthday money:) Sale I come!!


Sue said...

You are the Queen of Dealies, Abby! Great finds.
Thanks for sharing!!

Kat said...

Hi Abbey I pooped in from Sue's site. Love the Jewelry I make jewelry so that is a super good deal you got and love the tops they are all darling. I would wear each one of them. Your little Dakota is so cute! Have a great week!