Wednesday, September 30, 2009

First Loss of the Season

Saturday night the Cats played the Gators, so Billie and Derek came over to watch the game. (Tim and Lindsy were out of town because Lindsy ran a 30K trail race - yes that's right three-zero! That's longer than a half-marathon AND through a forest! She's my hero!) Let's not talk about the sad outcome of the football game. It was just embarrassing, but what did we really expect playing the number 1 ranked team?

We had a great time with friends though, and that's all that counts right?

Jonathan, Derek and Dakota watching the game...can you see the excitement or lack there-of? (Dakota makes himself right at home on Derek's and Billie's laps when they are here - he loves attention!)
A self portrait of Billie and me...this took us 3 tries :)
Yummy peanut butter cookies that Billie made:)
Let's hope that UK will start winning's just so much more fun when they win!


In other news...guess who's wonderful husband came home from work today with the black dress from Loft that I talked about here? I went back to Loft on Monday to try it on again and they didn't have my size! I was so bummed! He won't tell me how he did it, but he somehow had them hold it or something because he went out after work tonight and got it for me! How sweet is he??

I'm thinking about wearing it on Saturday night to dinner for my reunion but I'm not sure if it'll be too dressy and if I should stick to jeans... I guess I'll just have to make that decision later! I'm bad about that...that's why I have to pack 10 outfits for one weekend and J gets upset that I need my own suitcase for 2 nights:) hehe. I'll be sure to take some pics tho! :)

Boy did I marry a good one! I love him so much! He knows me so well and he knew what a pick-me-up I needed today:)


Sue said...

Very impressive that Jonathan!! He's a keeper Abby ;-)

Sorry your team lost but at least you had fun with Billie and Derek. I was over at Lindsy's blog earlier and whoa... 30K! I am impressed big time!

Be sure to take pics of you in your new dress. Can't wait to hear about your time at the reunions!

Lindsy said...

Yay - you got your dress! I am so happy for you. That will give you that little boost of confidence you will want for your reunion festivities. Go Jonathan!