Wednesday, July 14, 2010

23 Weeks

Yesterday was 23 weeks!  I'm telling you, the weeks keep flying by.  It seems like November is so far away but it's really coming fast! I just keep growing!

Please disregard my make-up (or lack there-of) and my hair!  It was humid and raining all day and we were in an extreme hurry, so this is not my best picture, but oh well you're looking at my belly, not my face!

Want to know why I was in a hurry??  I decided to go to my first Aqua Fitness class!  I have a gym membership through work and had never used it because I always (used to) run outside, so I decided to activate it and go to an aqua class because I really do miss cardio and I thought it might help with my muscle and ligament pain in my hips!  Well, I really enjoyed it.  Me and the grey haired people! HA!  They had 50's music playing if that tells you anything.  There were actually a couple of people that weren't grey haired, but it was quite humorous.  My favorite part??  Running in the water!  It made me so happy doing laps!  I felt bad though because I really wanted to pass and lap all of the grandmas.  I think I could have stayed after class to run more laps had I not been so hungry for dinner!  Hopefully I won't be too sore tomorrow!  I'm going to try to go every Tuesday and Thursday!  We'll see how it goes.  My other favorite part?  Feeling weightless.  It was amazing to have all of the stress of extra weight off of my spine for an hour! ...Then I got out and felt 2 tons! :)  So I think I just need to figure out a way for me to be in water every single day until this baby is born because it feels so wonderful!

According to What to Expect, baby is the size of a banana and is 8.5 in and 1.5lbs!  She is still moving around a lot and I still keep feeling her kick on the outside, but it's never long enough for Jonathan to experience it.  I keep hoping that he will catch her one of these days.  No, we don't have a name yet.  Yes, I'm stressing over it.  No, we don't have nursery bedding/decorations.  Yes, I'm stressing over it.  I know it will all come together, but I keep seeing the weeks slip by and I feel like I need to get on with it and start the "nesting" process!


Crystal said...

You look great!!! I love to be in a pool these days. I need to find me a aqua class to go to, it sounds fun! I can't wait to see what name you decide on!

Chelsea said...

Okay, as for bedding, this is what we decided. There are conflicting reports right now about bumper pads. Some say yes, some say no. We went with no. That saved us a ton of money. I custom ordered a bed skirt that I love and pillow to match and we registered for solid sheets. We also registered for this solid brown "breathable" bumper thing that supposed to be better for babies. (WHO KNOWS?!)

So my advice is just to pick a color scheme you like and then pick something non-themey to match that.

Yes ma'am. I agree. The pool feel fantastic!

Seizing My Day said...

Water aerobics is such a great idea!! I always felt so sick I did not exercise! =) Happy nesting! =) when the baby is bigger rolling around it is an out of this world feeling! ha ha! my hubby almost always missed it!

Sue said...

Aw Sweet Abby... don't stress over anything. You've got tons of time! I remember Krissy lying in the hospital on her bedrest wondering "how am I going to look after triplets" and I told her the same thing. God has it all under control and you don't have to think about it until it's time to think about it & by then, God will give you what you need for that!

I'm glad you were able to get out & get some exercise to make you feel more energized and get those happy hormones satisfied ;-) One thing you may consider in September for the last couple months is compression socks or stockings. They can help relieve tired legs and also help prevent varicose/spider veins. Back when I worked at the vein clinic we often suggested them to pregnant patients to aid them as their babies grew. Just a thought ;-)

Lovin' looking at that growing belly. I totally feel like a proud "auntie" when I see your weekly pics! I'm SOOOO happy for you Sweetie!