Monday, July 12, 2010

Mail and Pictures

Today I got something really exciting in the mail:

I got my wristband for Beth Moore in August!  She's coming to Rupp Arena and I'm so excited to see her! Should be awesome girl time with my mom and Billie!

And because I want to post some pictures from our new camera, here are a couple pictures that Jonathan took while trying to figure out how to use our new camera.

How precious is this picture??  I mean seriously.  This child is never without a smile!

This was actually a sequence of pictures of Dakota running that are really cute but I thought you might not want to see the entire sequence. 

Do you see the ugly Christmas bone toy he is carrying?  Yeah, toys never last that long in our house, but for some reason he hasn't ripped it apart and he loves it and carries it all around...and of course it's about the ugliest toy he owns.  Thanks mom and dad for that lovely present.  At least it make him happy:)

I think this is a great shot of the bacon pineapple bites I made on Saturday. 

Now I'm hungry... oh wait... I'm always hungry!

Jonathan is getting really good with this new camera! He'll be ready for some serious photo shoots that include tutus and giant bows in no time!


Sue said...

Mmmm... those bacon bites look so yummy! Great pics with the new camera. Doug is really looking into investing in one for us too!! Keep your pics coming & hopefully I can convince him... perhaps for my birthday? hee hee

I'm super excited for you to experience Beth Moore live. I can't wait to hear about your time there & what she spoke on. When she was in Toronto she was talking to us about God doing a "new thing" which has been cool to watch the "new things" He's been doing in my friends' and my lives.

Crystal said...

Dakota is too cute with his toy! Buddy is the same way with his toys and some of his are GROSS but he loves them!

Real Housewife in MN said...

Those pineapple/bacon numbers look amazing! Football seasons coming up and these would be a nice little snack for game-day. Would you mind posting the recipe someday? Isn't the new camera amazing?