Friday, July 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Billie!

Sunday was Billie's 30th birthday!  Unfortunately on her birthday she was in her car driving all day coming home from a wedding.  So Lindsy and I decided we needed to take Billie out for a girls night out birthday dinner.  So Wednesday night we went to PF Changs.  YUM!  Can you believe it was Billie's first time there?  (I think she liked least I hope she did!) I love that they allow reservations.  I made them easy!  And we walked in and past all of the other people waiting in the lobby and got seated!  We ordered lettuce wraps, yummy entrees and some serious desserts... See for yourself.

Yes, we polished BOTH of them off.  Soo yummy! 

See Exhibit A in lower right hand of picture... we really did tear up that cake!  We really should get out and do girls night more often than just birthdays.  I had a great time!  I hope you had a wonderful 30th birthday Billie.  Love you girl!


Crystal said...

I LOVE PF Chang's!!!

Billie Motsch said...

It was wonderful! And yes...I loved the food! The desserts were de.lic.ious! We definitely need to have girl's night more often than just birthdays!

Billie Motsch said...

And of course....THANK YOU!!!! You girls are the best!