Wednesday, July 28, 2010

25 Weeks and a Name!!

Yesterday ended my 25th week!!  These weeks are just flying by!!  I can't believe that we already have showers scheduled and our birthing class scheduled!!!  That means that the due date is within view!! Crazy to think about it!
Here is my 25 week shot.

According to What to Expect, she is about 2 lbs and 9 inches.  And this week her eyes will actually start opening!! I can't wait for our next ultrasound to see her again and see how much she has grown!  I also can't believe that I'm getting so close to my third trimester!

On Friday we told my parents our baby girl's name.  I wanted to come up with a cute way to tell them the name since we didn't get to have a fun way to tell them that we were pregnant.  I didn't have time to get anything monogrammed so I decided to have her name written on a cake from my mom's favorite bakery!  This is a picture of the cake.
Our baby girl's name is Adalyn Crystal. 

Jonathan wanted a first name that included my middle name (Lyn) and then we decided to honor my grandmother and name the middle name after her.  I love both of my grandmothers.  They both hold special places in my heart.  Now every time I say my daughter's name, I will think of my mom's mom.  I'm so glad to finally call our baby girl by name!  She now has an identity:)  (I promised my mom that I would not post the pictures of her and my dad seeing the cake for the first time because they (or at least my mom) were crying.

Today Adalyn's bedding was delivered to our doorstep!  I'm so excited!  There are about 5 colors of pink to choose from to decorate with and I love the grosgrain ribbons and rickrack in person!!  Here is a picture of the quilt (which is the same pattern as the bumper), the bed skirt and the polka dot sheet!
We also got two canvas bins that were on clearance.  I love them!  I can picture the big on in a corner of her room holding toys one day:)
This is the cute decoration my mom found at Lily's Warehouse sale.  It was on sale from even the warehouse price!  I thought it would look so cute on a dresser!
These precious doll toys from Pottery Barn were my niece's and she has grown out of them and given them to Adalyn.  I just love them!  I think the pink and white will look so cute in the nursery:)  I think Dakota likes them! :)
I'm getting so excited to start on this nursery!  This weekend we're going to pick out furniture and hopefully paint too!  This is getting so REAL!  This baby is coming!!


Murdock's mama said...

Beautiful name!! I love when people incorporate family names. Cute way to tell your family too! I can't wait to see her nursery all done up...I know it's going to be so cute...that bedding is adorable!

Crystal said...

Love the name! Especially the middle name! The bedding is super cute!

Janine said...

YAY for a name and bedding!!! LET THE FUN BEGIN!! Isn't it crazy how real it all gets once you have a name and bedding?! I don't know what the bedding does...but I guess it is something tangible that is your BABY'S! Love it, Abby...enjoy the remainer of your pregnancy for it really flies by fast!

Sue said...

Oh Abby... what a pretty name! I love how you told your parents :-D Her bedding looks beautiful and can't wait to see your nursery all set up for Adalyn's safe arrival!! Big hugs xo

Lisa said...

I looove the pottery barn bedding! One of my friends used the same bedding with her little girl. And the name is so cute!! Fun times!! :)

The Vallieres Family said...

I love it all - the name, bedding, and accessories! I can't wait to see pictures!

Heather said...

I LOVE her name, it is so pretty and girly! Her bedding is super cute and I can't wait to see what her room is going to look like!! YAY for a name!!!

Chelsea said...

Great name!! I really wanted to have a sex/name revealing party but we just couldn't handle it... we had to tell right away! Although we had the names picked out before we found out the sex. I LOVE LOVE LOVE when people honor their family with their children's names!

Jess :) said...

What a perfect name!!! I may be even more partial to it since that's the name I have chosen for my little girl to have someday (Lord willing)!!!! :) I think I decided I wanted that name about 4 or 5 years ago. I was just "doodling" during one of my planning times and loved how it sounded. Plus, it incorporates my middle name of Lyn, as well!!!!!! :) :) :) I'm SO excited that I can start calling her by her name: Adalyn! Absolutely beautiful, Abby.

Sorry I didn't have a chance to get on earlier. It has been VERY busy with Jorgen and I'm just trying to savor every moment I can with him. I know you understand. Anyway, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the name choice.

And I love the way you shared it with everyone.

Hugs :)

Seizing My Day said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your name choice!! =) Love it! Such blissful times!! My heart smiles for you!!