Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Our Toledo Weekend

So I've been away from the blog world for way too long!  I can't believe I haven't posted for a week!!!  We went to Toledo on Thursday night for a golf weekend for Jonathan and my dad.  My mom and I busied ourselves at the pool one day and then shopping the next day!  We had a great time with them this weekend!  We also revealed our baby girl's name to my parents!  Hopefully I will have a blog up tomorrow with our baby girl's name:)

Here's a picture of Jonathan and my dad in their cute golf outfits (love the plaid) after their second day on the greens.  Good father/son time!
I love this picture of my two favorite men!
Jonathan was trying out our zoom lens in my parent's backyard.  My dad has tons of bird feeders in the backyard so there was always an assortment of birds and squirrels:)

Here's a picture of my cute parents.

My mom and I spent the day on Friday at my aunt's pool and thankfully hadn't planned on spending the day there on Saturday because I got burnt...again!  I guess these hormones make the sun extra potent.  The water felt absolutely wonderful and it was amazing to actually lie on my stomach on a float.  My cousin and her kids, another cousin and her daughter, aunt and some other people came to the pool so we ended up having a par-tay.  Don't worry; I did not get a picture of us in our bathing suits. :)

On Saturday we went out shopping and I got some mega great deals at Lily's warehouse sale!  I got Valentine's, Easter, and fall decorations for $1, $3 and $5!!  And I got an adorable decoration for the nursery...I might have to post a picture of that later!

All in all we had a wonderful weekend.  Even if I am DAYS behind reading and writing blogs:)  Hopefully one of these days I'll catch up!


The Richards said...

Cute baby bump! Blog hopping from Jenna's

CreationsForEleanor said...

Just found your blog from Jenna's Journey. Congratulations on your pregnancy, how thrilling!

Shari said...

Congratulations on the new addition!

*waves from Jenna's Journey blog hop!