Sunday, January 30, 2011

11 Weeks

Adalyn turned 11 weeks last Tuesday!!  She LOVES her hands.  She loves looking at them and sucking on them.  It is just so cute.  She still loves her little jungle gym.  She kicks and hits the stuffed animals and gets so proud of herself.  She makes the entire gym move!  This morning she was lying under it and made a noise that I had never heard before and Jonathan and I both stopped what we were doing to see if it was Adalyn that made the noise.  It was much more of a speaking voice that she used!  She is such a happy baby!  She will smile and giggle when we just look at her.  It melts my heart.

Last night I was holding her to get her to go to sleep for her evening nap and I didn't want to put her down so I just held her.  Jonathan and I were watching TV sitting on the couch trying to relax when he said " uh-oh!" and I looked down to see two big blue eyes staring up at me and as soon as I looked at her she broke into a huge smile.  I mean seriously! I love her so much!

Here are a few pictures from this week.  She wasn't very smiley because we took the pictures in the morning before work and I think even at 11 weeks I can tell that my child is a sleeper (whoohoo!) and not a morning person.  So that means that she wasn't into a morning photo shoot! :)


Lindsy said...

Such a sweetie! Love, love, love those cheeks! I was thinking last night when I was holding her - she is a good mix of you two, don't you think? Either way - she's adorbs!

Sue said...

Oh Abby! She is growing so fast. What a precious bundle of PINK - hee hee.

I love hearing your tell stories about Adalyn and I may sound like a broken record, but I am just SO thrilled for you and J! Enjoy your happy girl!! :-) Have a great week.

Ashleigh said...

adorable! they grow so fast!