Monday, January 17, 2011

2 Months / 9 Weeks

I have thought about writing this post and have even sat down a few times to write it but never have the time to actually finish it! Working full time leaves my evenings for time with my girl (and my hubby too!) so I don't want to hide behind my computer!

Last Sunday (the 9th) Adalyn turned 2 months!!! I cannot believe how she is growing!

On Tuesday she was 9 weeks old so I decided to do both sets of pictures in one post.
There were so many precious pictures this time I couldn't decide which ones to post so I posted a few for the grandparents:)
Adalyn had her 2 month doctor's appointment on Tuesday.  She did great with the shots.  She had one oral vaccine and 3 shots and screamed for the shots but had stopped crying and was even smiling by the time the nurse was leaving the room.  She was fussy that night but she's allowed to be fussy after shots!  Thankfully she slept through the night. (I was worried about that since I need my sleep to function at work!)  And yes, she is still sleeping through the night every night. I'm so glad my girl's a sleeper! Hopefully it stays that way:)

Here are Adalyn's stats:
Weight: 10lbs 5oz - 25 percentile
Height: 23 1/4" - 75 percentile
Head 14 1/4" - <5 percentile (she comes by her small head honestly from her daddy so we're not worried about it.)

She is so alert now and looking all around.  She's all about lifting her head up herself and is much less bobble-heady.  It was hard to get the sitting up pictures this week since she kept trying to move her head around.  She loves lying under her jungle gym and entertains herself by kicking and hitting the toys hanging.  She is so smiley and her little coos are so precious.  She is still in 0-3 clothes and size 1 diapers.  We moved up to 3 month socks and they seem to stay on much better.  Her onesie in these pictures is still a newborn size but I think that will be the last week we can use that size! 

This was Adalyn's first full week with Ms. Connie and she did great! I'm able to pump at work so she gets mostly breast milk and usually only one formula bottle during the day.  Ms. Connie says that Adalyn watches the other kids in Circle Time and loves when Spot the Dog comes out during puppet time.  She gets all excited and kicks her feet and stares at him!  I'm so thankful for our daycare set up!

It's amazing how much joy Adalyn brings to our lives.  We are so blessed!

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