Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Dakota!

My furry baby turned 6 yesterday! Happy Birthday Dakota!! Poor thing has a special diet so I couldn't even buy him a special treat from the Barkery. Instead he just enjoyed his toys that he got for Christmas that he hasn't pulled apart yet!

He really does have THE life.  Just this morning he came stumbling out of bed at 9:30.  I'm not really sure what he's going to do when I'm not home with him all day! He doens't like waking up early:) I'm so proud of how good he is with his sister.  He gets upset when Adalyn cries and he likes to lay close to her when I'm holding her. I'm actually quite surprised that he doesn't try to lick her at all!  He's such a good dog.  He does have his moments...including stealing pacifiers but he's so cute that how can you really get mad? :)


Crystal said...

Happy Birthday Dakota!!!!

Sue said...

Awww how precious. Happy Birthday Dakota. Such a cute boy!!

I'm so sad for you that you have to go back to work so soon. Enjoy your last few days.


Anonymous said...

I forgot that Koty and my birthday were so close. He is such a cutie and is defenitely not showing his age as some of us are. I so remember that little furry ball you brought home. Come back and visit Grammy soon and bring your family.