Thursday, January 27, 2011

Adalyn's First Run

Let's be honest...I gained a whole heck of a lot of weight during my pregnancy.  Don't get me was well worth it, but I have got to get back active and lose some of this weight.  I'd be happy to just fit in my "fat clothes" at this point!  It's hard to have a baby right when winter is starting because the days are short and the weather is cold which makes exercise hard!!

On Tuesday night (the day Adalyn turned 11 weeks - yes I do have those pictures to post but this week has been hectic!) I decided that I needed to get my first postpartum run in.  It was 45 degrees which felt mild so I decided that it was now or never.  I could put off that first run for a long time so I just had to dive in!  Jonathan is such a wonderful husband and decided to help me get back into shape he would start running with me. (It's always easier to run with a partner.  Usually Billie is my running partner, but it's hard to find time to meet up during the week to run!)

We were racing against the clock to get running.  We were trying to finish running before dark, before temps dropped, and before Adalyn's next feeding.  I felt like we had run a race before we even stepped out the door.  (I do love the snow, but I can't wait for spring when it's easier to get out without layering and the days are longer!)

Adalyn got to try out her new Jeep stroller.  You can read how excited I was to get it here. Of course with our rush to get our run started I didn't get a picture in the stroller, but I did get a picture of a sweet little pink bear:)  This snow suit was a gift and is a size too big but it worked just fine! This pic makes me laugh.

We ended up running 1.66 miles and I survived and actually wasn't too sore the next day! Yay us! (I will admit that I walked a couple times during our run. I don't usually walk during my runs, but that was before I was a fatty.) OK fine, I'll also admit that Jonathan pushed the stroller and if I would have had to exert that energy I probably wouldn't have made it the distance we did!  I really did feel great after our run and am excited to get back out there.  Too bad it got cold and snowy again! Hopefully soon we can get on a regular routine of exercise! I love running with my family.

My goal is to run the Shamrock Shuffle in one month! I've run it with my friends for the past 3 years so I'm not planning on missing it this year!  Here is a pic from '09 from the race.  (I couldn't find the '08 or '10 pics.)


Lindsy said...

You can do it girl....just keep putting one foot in front of the other! =)

Ashley said...

You go girl! It's hard to loose the baby weight! I gained almost 60 pounds with Hannah and still have a little bit to go.... One pound at a time ;)

Taryn said...

Good luck sister!! I am not looking forward to that first run after all this... U don't even want to think about how outbid shape I am. Even though bundling up us a pain I bet it's easier than getting back out there when it's 100 degrees!