Friday, May 20, 2011

Adalyn's Dedication

Last Sunday (the 15th) we dedicated Adalyn to God.  It was another one of those surreal parent/child milestones.  It was very sweet.  We do things differently at our church because it's big (I feel like I say that I lot on this blog, but we have our own way of doing things compared to smaller churches.)  Instead of dedicating babies during Sunday services we have special services in the afternoon just for dedications.  There were two dedication services on Sunday and over 90 children dedicated!! We had a very sweet and short service about what it means to be a parent and to raise our children God's way. And then all the parents and babies went up on stage to verbally acknowledge our commitment to raise our children according to the Bible.  For those of you who have only ever been to a christening or a baptism; a dedication is not the same thing. We don't believe in baptizing a baby so that they will go to heaven. But we do believe in a verbal and visual dedication to raise our child according to the Bible.

Here are some pictures during the service.

 They had a slideshow with a picture of each baby/family.
 The front of the room. This room and stage was pretty full.  Maybe next year they will do one service in our main auditorium.
 We were front and center!

We were so blessed that our family was able to come in town to come to the dedication.
My parents
Jonathan's mom and sister
Ms. Connie aka Nona aka Adalyn's daily caregiver. Wasn't it so sweet that she came? I love that she has become a part of our family. And I love how she loves my child!

Billie, Derek and Eli
Eli only had eyes for Adalyn:)

We had everyone back over to our house afterwards and Eli got some more Adalyn-lovin in. And the rest of us ate some cupcakes and fruit.  Adalyn was also given some very special gifts to remember this very special day. She is a very loved little girl!

What a wonderful weekend!  We then spent the next couple days enjoying my parents' company and Adalyn skipped daycare to spend time with Grandma Nan and Papa.  I wish we weren't so far away so that these moments could be more often!!



This is so sweet and I love all of the beautiful pictures!!! Thanks for sharing!

Brooks and Kendra said...

abby! where did you get adalyn's headband? i need to get some for hallie and i love the pink one with the white flowers!