Thursday, May 26, 2011


Warning: If you are not a grandparent you may not care whatsoever about this post but I'm posting it anyway.  This is our family journal so I can remember these memories and our way to stay connected to all of our family out of town. 

Saturday Adalyn finally rolled over for the first time!! Of course neither of us saw her do it. (Isn't that how that stuff always happens?) I put her under her jungle gym and then went into the kitchen to make some lunch.  She was just playing away and I saw that she was up on her side chewing on one of the toys hanging and I thought to myself that would be the way she finally will roll over...she will want to chew on something badly enough to roll over to get it! Not even a minute later Jonathan walked in and asked why I put Adalyn on her tummy. (She usually hates tummy time!) That's when we both realized that she got to her tummy by herself! So of course I had to cheer for her and get my camera out.  I think she was pretty proud of herself.  What do you think?

She hasn't rolled over again yet...but I'm sure it will become a regular occurrence soon! I guess we can check off one more milestone! 

UPDATE: I wrote this before I lost my blog for multiple days and she has since turned over again.  She rolled from back to tummy for Ms. Connie right before I went to pick her up on Wednesday (and of course wouldn't do it again when I got there so I could see it.) When we got home on Wednesday she was so happy and giggly so I got out the video camera and while I was videoing she rolled from her tummy to her back!  It is on! She's going to by flying rolling around the house soon!


Lindsy said...

Yay adalyn!

Sue said...

I'm not a grandparent... or even a parent but I'm SO excited for you guys and for Adalyn! Amazing milestone and so glad that you could capture this moment... and find your blog to blog about it!

Justin and Jessica said...

Yay! It's so fun when they reach each milestone!

And ... glad you're back! :)