Sunday, May 1, 2011

My Fur-Baby

Dakota is my first baby and even though he's 6 I think our new addition to our family has got him reverting back to puppy-hood.  Although I must say that he has been great with Adalyn.  He doesn't jump on her or lick her to death which is a relief since that's what he does to guests in our house.  Today she was in her exersaucer and he brought her his new toy and laid it in front of her and started barking which means he wants her to play with him.  So cute.

Last night not so cute...but still cute. You know what I mean? We accidently left one of Adalyn's paci's on the ottoman and left the room.  When we came back guess who had the paci? When she was using Soothies and Gum Drops he would eat the plastic around the edge but never mess with the nipple.  Well her new paci's are hard plastic so he never tried chewing it. But when I looked over at him and he looked up at me like this I had to laugh!
Please notice his doggie bed and all of the bajillions of dog toys in it. Yet he'd rather have his sister's paci.

I mean, he stayed like this ALL.NIGHT.LONG. Literally.  He never even came to bed until the middle of the night. (Which is unheard of!)  Then this morning when Jonathan tried to find it he had buried it in his toy basket so it took Jonathan forever to find it.  And after close inspection, there weren't even teeth marks in it. He just savored it.  Think he's reverting back to being a puppy?  He'll always be my fur-baby.


Savannah said...

This post made me laugh out loud! Dakota is SO funny and reminds me of our puppy, Rocko. I LOVE that he enjoyed his sister's pacifier. Thanks for sharing! Have a great week!

Our Family of Four said...

OMG that is hilarious!!

Adriane said...

that picture of him and the pacifier is SO FUNNY! what a cutie:)

Murdock's mama said...

This post is absolutely precious!! I cannot wait to see how our pup reacts to a new baby in the house!