Thursday, May 26, 2011


You all!! We are back!! It was touch and go and many tears shed. (OK, maybe not tears, but I was close!) Moral of the story... Never ever ever change the email address associated with your Blogger login. Never! Long story short, I needed to change my email address and when that email address was deleted (even though we thought we changed it to the new email address) I had NO ACCESS to logging in and my blog just disappeared! WHA?! Talk about stressful!  Jonathan had backed up my 2009 posts but had never backed up my 2010 posts or any posts from this year. And of course I never wrote Adalyn's birth story anywhere else. So I was a bit panicked!

And if you ever get locked out of Blogger or Google don't even try to get customer service help.  There is no email address or phone number.  There is a form you can fill out that doesn't have free space to even write the specifics of your request.  It's the most frustrating thing! And I really don't even know how it came back to me! I do know that Jonathan was playing around with deleting and adding email addresses and then it worked. (It was probably more technical than that.) All I care about is that MY BLOG IS BACK!! Oh how I've missed you and missed writing. Yes, I am aware that I was only gone for two days, but I felt so lost without my google reader/dashboard. And I kept having blogging topic ideas and then remembering that, oh wait, I don't have a blog.

All that to say...Thanks for sticking by and waiting for me to come back! And also? I may look into switching to wordpress after seeing the awful panic stricken days when I could not get customer service help:)

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Sue said...

I'm so glad it came back Abby. God must have heard your cries for help! So do tell though... how do I back up my blog?? FB or Twitter me the instructions if you can! xo