Monday, August 22, 2011

Florida - Part 1 (Orlando)

For our first family vacation we decided to drive to Florida to visit two of my old college friends and then to head to my brother's family's house to visit them. (We hadn't seen my brother's family for a whole year - since they moved to Florida!) We've been home from vacation for over a week, but I'm just now getting around to writing up some blog posts.

I was so bad about taking pictures all week!! Can you believe we didn't get ONE picture of the three of us together? So mad!  Next time, I'm going to try to keep my camera closer to me. I do have quite a few phone pictures so you'll have to excuse the quality of them. I started the trip with the best of intentions by doing a little video:

(wow. I sound country. I'm not proud.) Picture taking was all downhill from here.

We first went to Orlando where we stayed with my friend, Angela, her husband, son, and doggie.  Angela and I lived in the same apartment (with 4 other girls) my Senior year.  It was so good to see her and catch up.  Her son, Elias is only 1 month younger than Adalyn so it was fun to see them interact.

We also visited my friend Brittainy, her husband and her son and daughter.  Brittainy and I were roommates Sophomore year and we were inseparable Freshman and Sophomore year until Britt transferred out. (I don't blame her. It was so she could be with her boyfriend who is now her husband.) But I so missed her the rest of college.  It was awesome to spend time with her family!  Her son, Clay is 4 months older than Adalyn so that was fun!

On Saturday, we headed to Britt's sister's pool where we spent some time floating around and Adalyn enjoyed splashing her daddy and floating in a shaded float.

Sunday, we went to church with Angela (and Britt since they go to the same church) and we had to take a pager for them to page us when a spot in the nursery opened up.  I'm used to being part of a large church, but this church even blew me away. I've never heard of a wait for the nursery! Talk about a big church!  Then we went to the mall food court to eat lunch with Britt and Lance and family.  Later we headed home to Angela's for an amazing cookout with all of her husband, Rene's family. It was seriously the best steak ever. Rene is an amazing chef.

Little did we know that Saturday would be the one and only day that we were in the sunshine in Orlando! Monday, we shopped the outlets in the drizzle and storms. Man, have times changed.  I realized that we never even stepped foot into Loft (my absolute favorite store) or Gap! But we hit We got some awesome deals for Adalyn for next summer so we were excited. After shopping we went to dinner with Angela and Elias.
This is Adalyn's first car date! (She doesn't look too excited about it.)
 Look at those big eyes!
 I had to add this picture. I got her top 4 teeth in a picture!!
 Don't mind me in the background. This was the only picture with both kids looking at the camera. Oh, and Zoey (the dog) was smiling too:) Can you see Adalyn waving?
 Adalyn liked Elias' Jeep walker. She cruised around in it a lot!
Next up: Another rainy day and a little Disney.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad for the update. Kept picturing you all. Such precious babies. Can't wait to get my hands on her.