Monday, August 15, 2011

I'm still here!

So I have been absent from the blog for a while now.  Oops! We went to Florida for 9 days and had a great time (posts to come). We visited friends (pics to come) and family (pics to come).  Before we left I had actually written a blog post but never actually edited it to post it, so I really do have lots of blogs to share. I just haven't found the time to write all the posts I need to write.

Before we left I turned 30, we had to lower Adalyn's bed, and my mom came to visit/babysit for a week.  While we were gone Adalyn turned 9 months (where did time go??), learned to crawl, had her first car trip, her first time in the ocean, and met her cousins and aunt for the first time (she had met my brother when she was 4 days old). Since we've been home, Adalyn ate her first meal by feeding herself!!  So as you can see, we have been busy!

So here I am, checking in to say that we are still here, enjoying each other and I will hopefully be back soon with some blogs and pictures!

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