Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Week with Grandma Nan

Three weeks ago our new sitter had a vacation scheduled so my mom was kind enough to come watch Adalyn. (We really had to twist her arm. haha!) It was so nice to have her around all week.  That hasn't happened since right after Adalyn was born. Unfortunately my dad was busy volunteering for the US Open that same week so he couldn't come. But Adalyn enjoyed some Gram time!

My mom played on the floor with Adalyn all week and it was amazing how advanced she became in just one week.  I have a feeling that in the past (at daycare) she wasn't set down on the ground long enough to learn how to crawl so she was always just satisfied with sitting and watching what was going on around her.  After being at our new sitter's house for two weeks she was all about floor time.  Then after a week with my mom, she is cruising around (although not on her hands and knees so she gets frustrated.) {since I wrote this post before vacation it's a bit outdated since she is now crawling!} She gets up on her knees and rocks and rocks and then ends up on her tummy scooting backwards.  Before she would barely tolerate tummy time and now she won't stay on her back.

Anyway, Adalyn had fun going on walks each day with my mom. (And I know Dakota enjoyed that too!) We all had a great time and it was soo sad to see her leave.  We're trying to talk my parents into "visiting" permanently in Lexington! It would be so nice to have them around more often.

We were busy having fun all week so we never remembered to take pictures! OOPS! But we did get a couple of pictures last Sunday before my mom left.

My mom and dad are puppy-sitting Dakota while we're on vacation so she took him back with her and it's been so quiet around the house without him.  I'm pretty sure he's living the high life there though! He's king of the house:) And my mom also knows she has the dog as ransom so she knows that she'll see Adalyn as soon as we want the dog back:) I'm hoping that means that they will come to town soon so my dad can help Jonathan with some painting projects I've dremt up! :)


Anonymous said...

Oh, makes me so very lonesome...Dakota too! Next week can't come soon enough.

Murdock's mama said...

So lucky to have Grandma to come hang out! We're trying to convince our parents to move closer this way too! :)