Thursday, August 18, 2011

My 30th Birthday

(I'm running about two and a half weeks behind on blogs but I'm determined to write them in chronological order.)

On August 2nd I turned the big 3-0! Most of my friends are 30 so I know that there is life after 30, but for some reason that just shook me up. Everybody knows your 20's are fun, but your 30's...they just mean your old and boring. Right? :)  My mom was in town the week before my birthday, so she took me out shopping since she says that I'm impossible to shop for. (I'm SO not. wink wink.) And we went to a fun little boutique store and she bought me a new white cake plate that I LOVE. I was planning on using it for my birthday cake and then, as sad as this is, we never even got my cake out of the box! Not even to take the picture! After we went out to dinner (Adalyn was a great girl at Regatta) we had a few baby things that came up that had to be done.  We'll just say that by cake time we were tired and didn't feel a need to put on a pretty show for just the two of us. But we did eat a piece. Or two. :)
Heading out to dinner! My favorite birthday present was in my arms! I wish her outfit showed up better in the pictures. It was so adorable!
Yummy cake! (I thought the junk on the counter added a nice touch...)

Jonathan was so sweet and gave me a new Chi. If you remember my posts from a year and a half ago (you can read them here and here) you know I loved my Ultra Chi. (Yes, I'm aware than I have now written about a flat iron 3 times!) Well, my mom's Chi wasn't cutting it anymore.  I'm one of those people whose hair completely changed textures while pregnant/nursing. I went from straight hair all of my life to wavy/curly hair in the back of my head. Bleh. So Jonathan gave me a  new Ultra Chi and thankfully it is keeping up with my new wavy hair! He was so excited because he got it on sale plus had a coupon for Ulta that came in the mail that he took before I saw it. And to top off my Chi he gave me this snazzy holder so that hopefully I won't drop it again.  Although if I drop it in our bathroom it won't break because we have a 90's bathroom that has CARPET in it. Seriously. (One of those house projects that is on the list.) And my snazzy holder makes me feel like I work at a hair salon even if there is no way anyone would hire me to work at a salon unless it would be to sweep the floors or take the money to the bank. :)

It was a nice birthday and so much fun to have my first birthday as a mommy! And the good part is that life didn't end when I turned 30! Yay!

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