Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Florida - Part 2 (Orlando)

Tuesday Adalyn turned 9 months, so of course we had to take a couple monthly pictures...except the pictures were in a blue room instead of a pink room! We did take some normal monthly pictures when we got home so that will be another post, but here are a couple pictures from the actual day.

 Bows only last about 2 seconds lately... So sad.

It was dark and raining in the morning so we knew we needed another indoor activity and we had already checked out the mall on Sunday and the outlets on Monday, so we went to hang out at Ikea. I love Ikea and wish it we had one closer to our house! Here's a picture of Adalyn's first trip to Ikea:
I could live in Ikea. Okay, maybe not, but all of their organizing stuff is so tempting and then their prices are so amazing. I can easily fill up my little yellow bag! Britt and her two kids met up with us at Ikea and hung out with us. Then we went back to their house for a yummy home cooked dinner and had a bit of a photo op with the kids (after they had eaten, were past tired, and their cute clothes were either dirty or missing). Oh well. It's real life people.
 Trying to pull-up!
 Adalyn with Clay
 He was reading her a book. So cute.
 Adalyn and Addie. She's such a little beauty!
 Britt and me with our babies. So crazy to think back to college and how our lives have changed!

Wednesday, we woke up and it was still overcast but we decided to chance it and went to Downtown Disney. We didn't want to pay for a Disney park since Adalyn can't appreciate it so we did the free Disney activity. It was about 150* heat index and the sun actually came out. So we were feeling really refreshed:) Again, we forgot the camera so all of the pictures are from my phone.

We ate at T-Rex Restaurant. Adalyn was pretty intrigued with the light show every 20 minutes.
We went into the Disney stores while Adalyn snoozed but we got a picture so that she could look back to see that she really was at Disney!
When she woke up, daddy showed her the alien from Toy Story. She was actually quite fond of it.
After some Ghirardelli Ice Cream (it was necessary because we were melting), we went back over to the princess store to get Adalyn's first picture with Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty.

Once we were worn out from Downtown Disney, we packed all of our stuff back in the car, said goodbye to Angela and her sweet family, and drove 2-ish hours to St. Augustine to visit my brother's family.  That'll be a post for tomorrow!

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Lindsy said...

Um..that pic of her passed out in the stroller: OH.MY! She looks huge. What's happening to all of our little babies? Craziness. Kennedy would be so jealous about the princess's...I'm not even going to share that news with her. ;)