Thursday, October 13, 2011

11 Months

Last Sunday Adalyn turned 11 months. What? I realized that last year on this weekend we were taking maternity pictures at the orchard and this year I have an almost 1 year old. Unbelievable. I've been working on digital photo books of Adalyn's first year and I can't believe how much she has changed. You don't see it in the day to day, but when you go back and look at the past its crazy.

{This week last year}
Adalyn is long and lean so all of her 6-12 month clothes are too short but the larger sizes won't stay up around her waist. We're being creative trying to find clothes to fit. Her onesies are still 3-6 month! I've had some issues fitting shoes on her so we took her to have her feet sized. She measured as a size 3, and the store we were at only had 2 options in size 3 so we didn't buy any. But any of the size 3 gymboree sandals that she has fall right off because her little feet are so skinny that nothing will stay on her! Thankfully we've had some warmer weather so we haven't needed to worry about shoes. Yet.

Adalyn got a stomach bug for the first time this month and poor thing was so sad. She really lost her appetite and we're still not back to where we were with finger foods but mostly she's back to normal.  She loves puffs, cheerios and yogurt melts because they are few and far between. But we have started yo-baby and she LOVES it. And she eats grapes, bananas, peas and some other finger foods along with her normal homemade baby foods.  She says "more" in sign language when she wants more snacks. It's so cute. She also squeals and whispers "ba-ba" and does the sign language for milk when she wants or sees her bottle. Right now she still has 6 teeth but we're wondering if teething is starting again... We shall see...

She just keeps learning so much. When we ask her where Dakota, dada or mama are she can point to the right answer. She also says uh-oh and it's cute because it sounds like she has an English accent. She also waives bye-bye.

I had to throw in a few extra pictures this month. I just love all of her different expressions. I can't wait to print out all of her weekly and monthly pictures to display at her birthday party. It will be so much fun to see how much she has grown!  I'm probably forgetting lots of things that she is doing right now. We are just amazed by how much she understands and learns every day! We are so very blessed!


Janine said...

WOW! That is crazy that she is nearly a year old. She is adorable, Abby!

Crystal said...

It is so hard to believe they are almost one! Macey was sized at 3 in shoes too. We got a 3 1/2 at Stride Rite and they work great for her!

Sue said...

A-MAZING how fast she's grown! What a doll :-) Love how her legs are up in her pillow pic like a "big girl" - hee hee. Enjoy this last month of your "baby".

Susan said...

Hi Abby, I enjoyed my visit here tonight. I came by way of Sue-Life lemons. My grand daughter was born on Sept 3 2010. My grand daughter is also long and lean and going through a picky stage with eating. I have cared for her since she was 4 months old. Well time for me to get to bed. Audrina gets here at 6:15am.