Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Gated Community

As of a few weeks ago, Adalyn now lives in a gated community. I don't think she minds yet, but poor Coda now has to decide which floor he wants to be stuck on:)

We put swinging gates at the bottom and the top of the stairs a few weeks ago. We got two of the exact same brand at Babies R Us and we had 20% off coupons and Rewards Bucks! Then we got home and had a bit of drama with the gates. First of all this was during our family sickness and Jonathan was sick but insisted on installing the gates anyway. (I think it's a guy thing.) When he got to installing the second gate he realized that it was updated and the latch on the second one worked 100 times better than the one he had already finished installing. (This was after trying to figure out a spot to drill the gate in the wall which resulted in 50,000 holes.) Since the recycling had already taken away the boxes, I called Babies R Us and told them the predicament and they allowed me to bring it back in, without the box but with my receipt. The drill came back out and the gate came down and we went back to the store. I made the worker open every single box that was left looking for the "correct" latch. I was not successful. We went without a gate for another week and made it to the other BRU in town and again we checked all of the boxes and this time found the updated gate! So we now have two matching working gates! I love that they swing. So much easier to use than the old school gates. I'm sure Adalyn will soon be bored with them because she'll be wanting to climb the stairs, but I'd rather keep her off the stairs for now:)

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Jenna said...

Ha! You should see our stair gate - our stairs come out into the entry and so there's no wall on one side - so it's zip tied on! Very Arkansan of us, haha!