Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Day at the Orchard

A couple weekends ago we headed out to an orchard with Billie, Derek and Eli.  We have made a tradition of going to pick apples and pumpkins every fall together. It's funny to look back at our pictures we've taken each year.  We started off as a two couples. Then the next year Billie had a baby belly. Then the next year Eli was with us and I had a baby belly. This year we had Eli and Adalyn were with us and Billie has a baby belly. (If this tradition stays, I'll be the one with a baby belly next year!) {no, I'm not pregnant!}

Since we went after church, both kids had little to no naps but they were both so good! Adalyn was a bit of a grump and wouldn't give us many smiles for pictures, but she did give Eli lots of smiles. It was so cute!  I ended up taking 150 pictures while we were there. Yeah. I know. That's just crazy.

 Eli kept us entertained by dancing to the music the dj was playing!
 Adalyn enjoyed her ride through the orchard.
Eli loved making Adalyn laugh by playing with her feet.
 Anytime we set her in the grass (in the pumpkins or orchard) she did this... (Eli didn't know what to think about it.)
 So he gave her hugs to make her feel better. Melt my heart.
 Then Adalyn was full of smiles. Eli really enjoyed his apple too!
 Adalyn wanted to pick her own apple.
Perfect size for her. She wouldn't give it up the rest of the day. It was her favorite treasure.
 This was the only picture in the pumpkins where they were both looking at the camera.
Billie and I were both snapping away taking pictures all afternoon and not until the next day did we realize that we didn't get any pictures of all of us! Oops. My, how priorities change! We had a good time and decided that we may want to go back to our normal orchard that we visit each year later this month. Maybe it will be cool enough for Adalyn to wear her cute autumn outfit!


EKelly said...

Thanks for the late night reading material :)

Sue said...

What a fun day you guys all shared. Can't believe how big Eli has gotten. Not a little boy anymore huh? And Adalyn... she's such a lady... hates sitting in the grass - hee hee

Lindsy said...

Let me know if y'all go again because we've not been yet.