Sunday, October 23, 2011

Applesauce: A Yearly Tradition

I love fall.  I love the smells. I love the colors. I love all of the fall-ish events that we do each year like going to pick apples and pumpkins and making applesauce! My mom has made homemade applesauce since I was little. I never remember having store bought applesauce in our house because we always had ziploc bags of applesauce in the freezer all year long. A long time ago my grandparents owned an orchard so making applesauce was the thing to do every fall! 

Since Jonathan recently organized our pictures, I decided to look back through the years at our applesauce making pictures. I probably shouldn't have since I was reminded of what the "real" Abby looks like when she's not carrying an extra 30 lbs around. But, I thought the pictures were fun so I thought I'd post them. 

2008 at my brother's house with my sweet niece who is now a teenager(!?!)
 And with my nephew.
 Jonathan actually got in on the action that year! (He hasn't since:) ) Can you tell the kids like to do the crank on the Victorio (maker)?

2009 at our old house with my parents and Billie:
 And of course you can't see Billie's Eli belly but it was there... :)

2010 and oh my! Precious Eli. I can't handle it! And I also can't handle that this picture of him is the same age as Adalyn right now! WHAT??  I was in a total of zero pictures from 2010 probably because I sat for a good portion of it with my swollen feet and legs elevated.

This year Lindsy joined us in the tradition and Kennedy was quite interested in how the machine works!  Here are a few pictures from yesterday.

I had to get a picture of Billie's baby belly this year! :) It's just so cute!
 Eli was enjoying eating his apple in Dakota's bed (with a couch pillow) love it!
Eli was laying in the recliner and Coda came to lay with him. Precious.
 Adalyn had fun playing with her bff Avery. They were sweet together.
Lindsy and Kennedy watching to see how it works.  Kennedy loved helping us turn the crank to make it and she hung in there for a long time!
 A picture of all of us girls! (The boys were at the driving range and then on kid duty.)
And this is what the living room looked like afterwards. Every piece of every single toy out plus Eli's trains and tracks. Wow...

Should we talk about the fact that I've had a UK t-shirt on every single year to make applesauce? Do I have a problem? I'll just say that it's because it's always on Saturday which usually means that UK is playing:)  (And thankfully we won yesterday!) We had a great time spending the day with friends. We made 3 bushels of apples this year and now we have stocked freezers of yummy applesauce that also double as healthy baby food! Yay!


Our Family of Four said...

What a neat idea.

Savannah said...

This is such a fun tradition!

Sue said...

Looks like you all had a great day and what a fun yearly tradition. I have an old fashioned applesauce maker that I should yank out soon. There is NOTHING like homemade applesauce. The stuff in jars is gross compared to fresh! Enjoy the "fruits" of your labor!! Hugs xo

Aishlea and Brandon said...

YUM! :)

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