Monday, October 3, 2011

A (Few) Sunday Picture(s)

Adalyn looked so cute in her reversible plaid/corduroy dress for church yesterday that I just had to get some pictures. The dress, turtleneck and shoes were all from consignment sales! Please excuse the mess in the background of the pictures.

"I'm too busy inspecting this lens cover to look at the camera, mom."
 "Fine. I'll look. But no smiling."
 "This is an awesome treasure!"
 "Everyone look at my awesome treasure."
 "Maybe I should taste my new treasure."
 "Nope. Wasn't all that."
 "Here mom. Do you want to try it?"
 "Maybe I should just put the lens cover back on the camera." (My girl is smart you all!)

 She really regretted giving the "treasure" back to mommy and didn't want to stand for a picture. But seriously with the cuteness!


Sue said...

Oh my goodness... how precious is she!? I LOVED this post Abby! She is such a little doll... and I love her plaid dress. How cool that it is convertible! xo

Lindsy said...

Um...KENNEDY HAS THAT EXACT DRESS!!! How funny. She wore it for her school pictures last year. Hilarious. It's a cute one for sure. She's precious as usual.

Crystal said...

So cute!!! I love that little dress!

Our Family of Four said...

She is just too cute! Love that dress!