Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Belly Pics: Week 38

As of today I'm 38 weeks! Only 2 (or less) weeks until we meet our sweet boy!  I had a doctor's appointment today. I'm still at 1 and 50% so no progression from last week, (I was hoping for some sort of progression!!) but my blood pressure was high so I had blood work taken and scheduled for another appointment Thursday morning. It sounds like if my bp is high on Thursday, we will be having a baby this week! My doctor is ultra conservative when it comes to my and my baby's health and I appreciate that.

Crazy to think that this is possibly my last belly picture! I'm trying not to get my hopes up that I'll be meeting my boy in 2 or 3 days, since there is a chance that my bp will be normal and we'll go back to regular weekly appointments. Maybe the stress of the parking issues outside the doctor's office is what did me in:)

I am a bit worried about whether the doctor will induce on Thursday because if so, my parents will miss Cayden's birth. They are flying home from Florida Thursday afternoon and if we can somehow wait until Friday they will be able to get here in time! But of course if the doctor isn't comfortable with waiting until Friday we will go ahead on Thursday and my parents will be a day late. (That's just one more reason it stinks to live away from family!!!) I will have my bags packed and ready just in case...

This is only 10 weeks ago at 28 weeks. My how I have grown!

38 Weeks - I think I have "dropped".
 Let's compare to 38 weeks with Adalyn. 

I think it's funny to see the wall colors in my pictures. My kids rooms are ultra pink and ultra blue. I guess you can say I don't do neutral kids rooms:) We are pretty much finished with Cayden's nursery and have most of the frames filled now. I'm waiting on 2 more prints to go into frames and once that happens I will post pics of the  nursery!! I'm so excited. I absolutely love the room. It's my favorite room in the house right now! I just can't believe we may have a baby sleeping in that room in just days!!!


Janine said...

Ready or not, here come these baby boys!!! I am thinking you may be the first!! Unless Lindsy beats ya to the punch. :) Regardless, hoping you and baby Cayden are good and healthy!

Lindsy said...

Yay for the potential of meeting him soon but I TOTALLY get wanting it to maybe hold off on your parents...it'd be sad if they missed it! Parking stressed would up my BP for sure! Aaaaahhh....the suspense!

Our Family of Four said...

Almost time!! You have got to be just so excited!