Sunday, July 8, 2012

Some Summer Pictures

Here are a few random pictures from the past two weeks. It's so hard to catch Adalyn in one spot long enough to take her picture! She's talking up a storm and doing the cutest things (one of which is NOT taking her diaper off in the morning before we come to get her in her crib!) but she's constantly moving which makes videos much easier to get than still pictures! And of course my phone's memory is almost to capacity so I've had to hold off taking videos until we can clear my phone off. 

Adalyn and Jonathan at her last swim lesson. She loves the water!!
 This morning before church I tried to get a picture with A but she was a bit squirmy. This dress is Pottery Barn and I found it at a consignment sale for $2 this spring. It had a tiny monogram on it so I asked my friend to put an applique over the monogram. She put a cute pink and white polka dot crab on it with Adalyn's name under the crab. I think it's precious!

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