Friday, July 13, 2012

Belly Pics: Weeks 35 & 36

Tuesday marked 36 weeks. We have less than a month left until we meet our little man!!  I can't wait. I'm beginning to feel prepared for him. Baby laundry is well underway, the nursery is done except for some prints that I'm waiting for for on the walls.  Things are getting crossed off the list!  Now don't get impressed that I'm fully ready ahead of time... I don't have bags packed or the car seat installed yet or even a "coming home" outfit for C. But we are getting closer and I'm feeling less anxiety about not having everything done in time!! Here are my belly pics from the past two weeks.

Week 35
 Week 36
And just for giggles lets compare week 36 with Adalyn to week 36 with Cayden:

Either I had already "dropped" with Adalyn or my belly was just shaped way different. I think the difference between these two pictures is crazy!


Lindsy said...

Im right there with you - I just got my "baby laundry" done yesterday and the carseat is out but not together or installed. I started getting my bag packed just because they say you go earlier each pregnancy and I'm like: "watch my water break or something and me not have one single thing ready". Lord knows that would put my OCD into overdrive and I just don't need that stress, so....the prepping has begun. Now...poor boy has no bedroom of his own and no dresser for his clothes so they are all folded and washed but on the floor ;(...good thing is: he won't have a clue! I can't believe it's almost time for all these boys to arrive...crazy! I can't tell a huge differnece in your pics, but yes: you were a little lower for sure.

Crystal said...

You look great!

Janine said...

So in the last 4-5 days I kicked it into high gear. Don't know why, but maybe it is due to having an early baby the first time (even though this pregnancy is ULTRA different!)? I have finally nearly finished the nursery, organized, and gotten the car seat out (base IS in the car though!)... I THINK we are nearly ready.
Your "carrying" shape is most definitely different between babies! How funny! :) So, now that the countdown is truly here, I am anxious to see which of the three of us "goes" first! (Is it selfish to be hoping it's me??!?!! HAHA!)