Thursday, July 12, 2012

Cayden's 3D Picture

So I was prepared to share my 35 and 36 week belly pics today, but last night I had a little 20 month old laying on my chest so I decided that was more important than blogging. So instead of pictures of my enormous self, you get a 3D picture of baby Cayden from Tuesday's ultrasound. This should be our last peek of him before we meet him in person! I love that the ultrasound tech switched over to 3D for us because this was the first time that we got to see his entire face. Last month he covered his little face at the last minute so we only got a picture of half of his face.  It was so precious and clear on the monitor. Of course it doesn't look quite as clear in the printed off picture and then I took an iphone pic of the picture so it's not the best quality but I could still sit and look at it forever. I just can't wait to kiss those cheeks!

 The good news is that he has flipped and is head down. (If he had not flipped by this week they were going to talk about manually flipping him, so I was very relieved that he did it on his own!) Everything looks great according to the doctor. Now we just play the waiting game to see if he'll hold out until his due date like his sister did or if he'll decide to meet us early! I've been in nesting mode like crazy because "what if he comes now??" so I've been doing loads of baby laundry and arranging drawers and the closet. Jonathan got 11 picture frames (empty until we fill them) hung on the walls. We are getting there... I did realize that at this point with Adalyn, we had had our maternity pictures taken, had bags packed and everything perfectly ready. We are nowhere near that point this time around. We still need a bunch of newborn staples from Babies R Us. Hopefully we'll get most of the needed items this weekend so I can breathe again:)

Oh and a little update on Adalyn: For the last 3 nights she will not go down to bed. This might seem normal for a 20 month old, but this is not our daughter. From 5 weeks old, we kiss her put her in her bed and she goes to sleep. Never a fuss. So the last 3 nights she has not just cried. It's been an absolute scream so we've gone in, rocked her to sleep and then put her down but she pops up screaming before we can even reach the top of the stairs. She's also been waking during the night like this. Not her normal wake up of "mama, dada, bubba". It's a full out scream. The only thing I can think is that her 2 year molars are coming in and they are only effecting her at night. Other than a runny nose yesterday her sitter said she was never fussy or whiny at all and took good naps. So between the weird sleep pattern and a runny nose, I'm pretty positive it's her molars. Last night we tried Advil, Orajel and Teething Tablets and she seemingly got no relief. I'm not sure what to do at this point so J and I don't go crazy without sleep. Could there be a worse time for her sleep to get off? I want to snuggle my girl and make her feel better but I don't want to start a bad routine of her falling asleep on mommy or daddy every night just in time for baby brother to come into the picture. Ah. Life with a toddler. There's always something keeping you on your toes! I wish she could tell me what hurts so I know for sure it's her teeth and not something else.  Maybe she's been reading the Honest Toddler blog in her free time and is getting some tips from him/her? (A little ironic that that blog post came out after a night of crying in our house...)

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