Saturday, March 9, 2013

Daddy Daughter Dance

The week before Valentine's day Jonathan took Adalyn to Her Knight Dance. She was old enough to attend this year and I was so excited for them to have this experience together. I just wish I could have gone to watch:) The weeks leading up to the dance, Jonathan talked to Adalyn about it and would practice dancing with her in the living room. I helped her try on dresses and each one she would run in to the next room to show her daddy. It was so cute how excited she was for her date night.

The week of the dance was the week that RSV hit our house. I was hoping that Adalyn was on the mend by that Saturday because she was much less congested. After I got her dressed and we were taking pictures, she just kept crying and pulling on her ear. (The day before Cayden had been diagnosed with an ear infection so that got me worrying.) Thankfully one call to her doctor and we got an antibiotic called in for her. Jonathan and Adalyn headed to the dance while I took care of the doctor and pharmacy calls.

Before they left, I got a bunch of almost-crying/barely-smiling pictures. She just was not herself.  Jonathan gave Adalyn and me pearl necklaces and bracelets last Valentine's Day, so this was the perfect time for her to wear her set. She was so excited to wear them.
She just seems so old wearing her big girl jewelry. These pictures melt my  heart.

 This was her dress from Easter last year. I was so excited that it still fit her! Adorable.
 I love those curls!



 Adalyn was just not herself and less than an hour into the dance she was asking to go home and go "night night". But I know that she made some good memories with her daddy while she was there.

The dance was in a banquet hall barn on the property of the horse race track and was catered by Chick-fil-a. The pictures that Jonathan sent me from his phone look like the place was decorated to the nines. He said Adalyn loved the chandelier.  All of the glam made it so exciting for all the little girls. I asked Jonathan to take lots of pictures during the night since I couldn't be there to witness it. He told me that he wasn't going to be taking pictures all night because he wanted to just enjoy it. Well, he ended up texting me tons pictures. He said that all of the moms must have had strict orders for the dads to take pictures because he said everyone was doing the same thing he was doing. hehe.
 Eating her dessert. Jonathan said he could tell she didn't feel good when she only ate one bite of her cookie. Poor thing!

They had tiaras for each of the little girls and a professional photographer for pictures. Here is the picture that they got. I think Adalyn's face is awesome!
Since Chick-fil-a was one of the sponsors, there were three different cows around during the night. One was even in a princess dress and the girls could dance with the cows. In the past, when we've gone to the CFA on kids night and the cow is around, Adalyn enjoys seeing it across the room but not up close. But after dancing with it at the dance she is now INTO the cow at the restaurant. Last week when we went to kids night, I told Adalyn where we were going and she ran to her closet and pointed to the dress she wore and told me she wanted to wear it. I tried to explain that we were just going to the restaurant and not a dance. When we got there the cow came to say hi and she talked to it about dancing. So CUTE!
After the dance Adalyn didn't want to take her crown off.  All the girls got a set of pearls at the dance with an explanation that they are precious treasures from God. She was sporting both of her necklaces that night.

She even kept her crown on with her pjs.
I love that even though she wasn't feeling the best, she obviously had a great time and it has stuck with her in her little memory. This will definitely be a yearly tradition. I love the way Jonathan and Adalyn love each other!


Lindsy said...

Darling, darling pictures and super precious memories created! Wish we had something like that here for our girls but I can't seem to find anything like it. Glad all are well now at your house. Hopefully these warmer temps will bring with it way less germs!

Crystal said...

So, so sweet!!! Such a special memory!

Janine said...

What a sweet sweet tradition. And what a pretty little girl!!