Sunday, March 24, 2013

Shamrock Shuffle

Last weekend Jonathan and I ran in our first race together. Well, not really together in the sense that we ran next to each other, but in the sense that we both had numbers and ran across the start and finish lines. Ha. The Shamrock Shuffle 3K was my first ever race back eons ago. I remember Lindsy and Billie talking me into it back before I was a runner. I was attempting to lose newly-married-weight and had built up to running a mile at a time and they told me that the race environment would take me the extra .86 miles across the finish line. I honestly remember where I was standing in the kitchen of my old house when they convinced me to run with them. They were right and that started my love of running and running in races.

Every year (except last year when I was pregnant with Cayden) I have run the Shamrock Shuffle. Even the year I was pregnant with Adalyn but it was so early we hadn't announced it but I was having morning sickness. Ahhh. Memories. Anyway this race is held downtown and has a good turnout and has a very festive atmosphere. After the race there is a St. Patrick's festival and parade so downtown is buzzing.

This year they changed the race course but it was still fun. Jonathan wanted to push the kids in the Bob stroller, but we weren't sure what the weather would be like so we asked my parents to come in town to be there in case they needed to keep the kids. The weather actually cooperated and he was able to push the kids. Adalyn loved it!

Here are some pictures from our morning!

Jonathan had a phenomenal time even with pushing the double jogger! First of all he had to start at the back of the pack since he had a stroller, so he had to do a lot of weaving through people at the beginning and he ended as the second stroller with a time of 13:25 with a place of 18 out of 136 in his age group!
 Headed toward the finish line!
 I haven't run with Billie in so long. We used to be running partners and ran together at least three times a week! After kids (and my severe lack of running) we haven't been able to get together to run. It was so nice to have the time together and was so fun to run and talk together. I was a bit more winded than I used to be so I had a bit of a hard time talking while running. It was sweet of Billie to run with me for the entire race even though I was running at a very slow pace and she had the ability to run much faster! We finished with a time of 22:05. (Pretty sure I used to run a 5k with that time, but I'm just happy I did it and finished it.)
 The kids loved running! Cayden fell asleep and Adalyn ate her waffle during the entire race. Like how bundled up Cayden was? Mama was worried about wind in his face:) Thankfully the weather was pretty nice that day and the temperatures were rising.

 Our tradition after-the-race-photo. This is my first race pic with Jonathan! I would have never thought that this would happen, but I'm glad that it has and he's into running now!
A picture with papa and nana! Glad they were able to come and cheer for us!
Next week is Jonathan's half marathon that he has been training for. I really hope the weather cooperates so I can take the kids to go cheer him on! I hate waking up early on Saturday mornings, but I love race atmosphere! Spring is here so bring on the races! I should probably sign up for a 5K so that I have something I'm training for and working towards.

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