Friday, March 15, 2013

February Pictures

Here are some random pictures from February. Some are from my camera and some are from my phone. It's so much easier to grab my phone to take quick pictures. A lot of the time I don't have the time to grab the camera before the moment is over. Between a crazy busy month at work and sickness hitting our house, I feel like this month flew on by before I could even blink!

I got Adalyn a cute mama bear that has a sling with a baby bear in it for Valentine's Day. She wanted to wear the sling with the baby bear so we wrapped it on her and she was pretty proud.

Sweet baby boy cheering on the CATS!
 I absolutely love this little sweater on him. I'm going to cry when he outgrows it. He is now able to sit without the boppy but when I took this picture he was only able to sit using it.
Happy boy.

Adalyn is so sweet with her brother and always loves on him.
Adalyn laid down next to Cayden to read him a book. Love these moments.
Daddy and son wearing matching UK shirts. Cayden's shirt came in some hand-me-down clothes and when I pulled it out of the bag I couldn't believe it since it exactly matches one of Jonathan's UK shirts even down to the Nike Swoosh. They had to take a break from watching the game so I could take their picture.
 I can just eat him up. Those cheeks just ask to be kissed.
 The weather warmed up and was nice after work one night so I strapped Cayden into the Moby so Adalyn could play outside. I love this face. The double chin... oh my.
Adalyn loves her cozy coup but she's not the best driver. Can you tell? She ended up in the grass numerous times. She could play outside all day long. She never wants to go inside.

Adalyn got some new tennis shoes and she calls them her runnin' shoes. She loves to put them on and then run laps around the house. She thinks she can't run with pants on since she always sees daddy running in shorts, so she she strips down to her little panties to do her runnin'. Also, this month Adalyn became FULLY potty trained!! So exciting! I'm so proud of her!
 Mid-stride and Mid-giggle
 So fast! After she runs a few laps she says she's all wet (sweaty) and sometimes she takes her shirt off (like daddy) and then says she needs water. Seriously. Kids are sponges. Glad that daddy's obsession is a healthy one to pass on to her. We probably need to talk about keeping our clothes on when running outside:) ha!

 Here's a Sunday picture of their matching Bella Bliss outfits. This was the last time Cayden could wear his. I love them matching!
I love this picture. Cayden received special shoes from my Aunt when he was born. I loved having him wear them. He's still got a little room to grow so hopefully he can wear them more before they are too small. They are usually displayed in his nursery but are perfect for Sunday clothes!
Well, that's a little of our February. I'm sure I missed a few things but since I never have time to post regularly I wanted to get as many pictures uploaded as I could!


Lindsy said...

I love all of the pictures. I can't believe how big Adalyn is getting - her face is changing so much and C is just growing growing growing! Can't wait to get them all together soon!

Jonathan said...

I love all the pics, especially my little runner girl!