Tuesday, March 19, 2013

7 Month Pictures

So along with the same theme as my other posts, this post is late. Ahem. About 3 weeks late since we're only a week away from 8 months. But better late than never right?  Cayden was a few weeks late for his 6 month check up since his original 6 month well check turned into a sick RSV appointment. Since I didn't have his 6 months stats to post with his 6 month pictures, I'll post his 6 (almost 7) month stats with this post.
Height: 26.5 in - 50%
Weight: 17 lbs 4 oz - 10-25%
Head: 16 in - 2%
His numbers make him sound like a little peanut but he is so filled out that you would never expect his weight to only be in the 25 percentile! Those chubby cheeks are deceptive  And his head? Yep. He is taking after his sister (and daddy!) in that regard. (Yes, all of his hats are still size 0-3 month.)
Just because I thought it was interesting I went back to compare Adalyn's stats with Cayden's. Adalyn's 6 month stats were:
Height: 26 3/4 inches 
Weight: 14lbs 13oz 
Head: 15 3/4 inches 
Wow! They are so close in size! Adalyn also had those same chubby cheeks at this age. This mama needs to stop looking at the old pictures because oh my goodness is time flying and I'm not ok with it!

 Sister loves getting in the pictures.

 Slouching but still smiling!
 "Show me your teeth." She took that literally. Ha.
It's hard to remember exactly where Cayden was developmentally when we took these pictures since he's changed so much just in the past 3 weeks. At 7 months Cayden was just teetering while sitting. He could sit for short periods with his boppy behind him. He eats homemade veggies that I make and he has yet to get any teeth. Just for giggles, Here's a picture from Adalyn's 7 month post. I really see some similarities between the kids! Their eyes are completely different, but their face shapes seem similar. Adalyn was a full sitter by 7 months and already had teeth. Fun to see how the kids have similarities and differences!


Lindsy said...

Late shmate - at least the post is up: fist pump for small victories sister! Um, this may be weird but I swear the have the same little thigh crease - yes? Oh my word - genetics are such a crazy thing, right? His head...mmmm...so funny because Grey has a straight NOGGIN - as is linke 90 something percentile: ha! Oh my...they are growing up too fast.

Murdock's mama said...

If it makes you feel better I just started Jordyn's 1st Year Photo Book last week {she'll be 17 months Saturday} and I'm still working on the 'newborn' section! At this rate I'll be finishing her 1st year when she starts Kindergarten! :)

Love your updates! :)